When It Comes to Boho Fashion, We Have a Little Bit of Everything

Bohemian fashion is remarkable for quite a number of reasons. Just like how boho fashion draws from multiple wells of inspiration to create a finished look, it can be difficult to summarize the number of ways you can go about setting yourself up for any occasion with boho fashion.

That itself is probably the first and most powerful reason that bohemian clothing is so well-regarded by so many people. Bohemian fashion is an eclectic amalgamation of many different schools and styles, drawing inspiration from dated cultures while at the same time being impressed by themes and motifs found in the natural world. You can find floral patterns, animal patterns, and geometrics patterns in boho fashion. Just as easily you can find boho tops and dresses cut from interesting fabrics, decorated with lace and frills, and overall standing out from the crowd.

Because boho fashion is so multicolored and versatile, there’s almost no setting for which you can find a boho outfit to make a match. Whether you want to dress for a formal evening, a weekend at the beach, or a night in the city, you will find a number of boho outfits that you can put together and mix and match to make those dreams reality.

In short, boho fashion makes it possible for you to dress for just about the widest range of settings of any school of fashion. Because it is inclusive rather than exclusive, you can build an entire wardrobe around the bohemian school and you will almost never be unprepared for any setting. In addition, since it is inclusive rather than exclusive, you may find that by mixing and matching and pairing items of clothing, you can come up with new looks and outfits from the same pieces you have worn many times before. Only with boho fashion, nearly every combination will look convincingly unique.

All that being said, it is still important to find a supplier where you can source all of your boho clothing, accessories, and gear, and we here at Boho Pink are proud to be that supplier. We offer no shortage of new and inspired looks and you can find them among our many categories that are easily laid out for you on our site. Start with these highlights from our collection, and when you want to venture out on your own, check out the rest of what we can offer you on our website.

Crop Tops

Many of our crop tops can be easily paired with different bottoms or worked into other schools of fashion without missing a beat, and we have a huge variety of different crop tops here on our website.

Check out our Basic Mode Scoop Neck White Crop Top, which barely even seems like it belongs in a catalog of boho offerings. The cut of the top is a little iconoclastic, but overall it can vibe with lots of different styles. That’s what we mean by saying that these styles of shirts can be worked into a wardrobe with other pieces of clothing from different schools of fashion.

At the same time, the hallmark of boho fashion is in its uniqueness, and we offer plenty of crop tops that refuse to be absorbed into any other schools. An option like our Take Me With You Cream Plaid Puff Sleeve top is a perfect example of this. You can get away with mixing it into another outfit, but it will definitely stand apart on its own. You could actually build the outfit around this top without trying to incorporate it into another.

Of course, with these crop tops, you can only just scratch the surface of what we can offer you in boho fashion.

Fashion Tops

It’s hard to say exactly what constitutes a fashion top. In some ways, our collection of fashion tops simply consists of selections that don’t nicely fit into any other category, which in a sense makes them idyllically bohemian. There is a wonderful catalog of cuts and colors in the collection, and rather than relying on the one or two we point out here, you should take a look on our page of fashion tops and pick out the more salient offerings that grab your eye.

If you’re looking for something to break the mold, something that really doesn’t fit neatly into any other category of design and is entirely newly inspired, consider our Arinna Rainbow Tie-Dye Wrap Crop Top or Puff Sleeve Top. Both of these bring together elements of design that really come together to turn heads. The cut of each boho shirt is interesting and piquant enough, but pairing it with designs that are typically only found in white cotton t-shirt craft projects gives it another look altogether.

Another impressively independent design comes in the form of our I’ve Got This Taupe Snake Print Cropped Tank which, for a change of pace, fits nicely into this category. Inventive cuts of clothing and the use of natural or animal skin prints are two of the cornerstones of bohemian fashion, and this top checks both of those boxes.

Don’t settle for either of these, though. Let your free spirit guide you toward what you really want. Investigate our full collection of fashion tops to see for yourself where your passion lies.

Lace Tops

Our lace tops make a great impression and really represent some of the styles that drive our vision here at Boho Pink. As the original bohemians would decorate, dye, or trim their clothing with whatever they could find, frills, fringes, and lace decoration came to become associated with the style. Lace, itself, is not inherently bohemian, but when you mix it with a few different effects you have a totally different style.

Consider our Summer Potential White Crochet Halter Top, which is a great illustration of how lace can be incorporated into fashion to be uniquely and distinctively bohemian. This top might just be any other tank top if it were not for the plunging neckline, fanciful hem and lace decoration that covers the entire top. On its own, the lace would seem rococo, but here it just creates an eccentric look.

In stark contrast is our Sweet Home Black Lace Western Shirt, which seems to have taken some of its inspiration from rodeo shirts or some similar design. Without the lace, and even with some enigmatic pattern adorning plain fabric, this shirt might not strike a bohemian chord. However, together they are unmistakably unique.

Off The Shoulder Tops

Designs in off the shoulder tops can be found in catalogs of fashion that don’t necessarily contain representatives of boho fashion, but in this case, we diverge from that norm. Our boho catalog is replete with plenty of inspiringly designed off the shoulder tops that can give a new light to your wardrobe.

Sometimes the defining feature in boho off the shoulder tops is the asymmetry inherent to the design. For example, our Stevie Black Off The Shoulder Bubble Sleeve Smocked Top takes that asymmetry and runs even further with it. Black is not one of the colors closely associated with boho fashion by most, but in this instance, a mixture of other factors like its bubble shoulders and extremely curtailed cut make it stand out.


Then you have options like our Lauren White Lace-Up Crop Top, which brings in some of the elements we have already explored. This off-the-shoulder top also makes the most of copious lace and a loose fit in its design. It is bohemian through and through and deserves a place in any wardrobe whose owner appreciates a variety in style.

Jumpsuits and Rompers

We’ve addressed the wild versatility of jumpsuits and rompers before, and we know that a lot of people shy away from them because it can be intimidating to figure out how to pair them up or even to build an outfit. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Vision is important, but confidence is key.

There are so many ways you can wear any given romper that all you have to do in most cases is try and you’ll be pleased with the results. The truth is, there are so many different settings in which you could rock a jumpsuit or a romper that the limiting factor is your imagination. In some settings, they’ve even replaced dresses. Whether you’re looking for a boho romper or for a women’s jumpsuit with sleeves , we have you covered. 

If you are looking for a women’s jumpsuit with sleeves, check out our Frankie Burgundy Front Tie Jumpsuit. This is one of our better examples of a women’s jumpsuit with sleeves and could fill multiple roles in your rotation. It is richly colored and gives the effect of a two-piece dress of sorts. Like many other examples of what you might call high boho fashion, this dress is flowing and seems to defy containment.

If you’re looking for a slightly more conventional jumpsuit that will more easily lend itself to a broader range of settings, don’t miss the chance to check out our Aretti Navy Striped Flounce Top Two Piece Jumpsuit. All at once, this jumpsuit seems to have a more eccentric class than the former model while at the same time being less florid. Either way, with an entirely different palette of color across its design, it’s a great addition to any collection.


In addition to this collection of other boho tops, you can find a unique and unquestionably inspired catalog of boho outerwear here on our website. With it, you can transform any outfit or add a different light or color to the getup that lies beneath. There are so many examples of outerwear on our website that it can be hard to pick out only a few to showcase. Allow them to stand as a representation rather than a typification of what we can offer you from our stores. 


Do you find yourself in need of something conventional to break the mold every once in a while? Check out our Out Of Sight Olive Camo Print Boyfriend Jacket, which does happen to seem like it was plucked from the good graces of a friendly male companion.

While US Woodland Camo is more attractive to outdoorsmen and veterans for its practical purposes, here it puts a new slant on a jacket that otherwise might not appear in a collection of ladies boho clothing.

Maybe you’re looking for some kind of sheer or lace kimono or increase the element of intrigue of your outfit as a function instead of protection against the elements. We offer plenty of these right here on our site.

Check out our Vega Black Floral Lace Kimono, and Natalia Paisley Burnout Velvet Kimonos among them. They add a whole lot of character without going so far as to eclipse an outfit that was painstakingly arranged. 


Of course, what collection of boho clothing would be complete without a full roster of dresses? It’s actually impossible to condense all of our offerings in bohemian dresses into a small space. It would be more fitting instead to devote a certain portion of space to them specifically, so as not to lose sight of the forest for the trees, so to speak.

What you do need to know is that boho dresses are not just popular. They are growing in popularity for all of the reasons we have explored herein and there is no end in sight to that. Moreover, you can shop through our collection of dresses on our site with the utmost of ease. In fact, they are organized not only by color but by style as well. Simply check out our page on dresses, figure out what style you want to pursue, and go from there.

Let this introduction serve as an expository piece rather than a compendium of the many styles we can offer here at Boho Pink. There are too many to summarily investigate, and we are adding to our catalog of selections every week. Take a virtual stroll through the aisles of our store to find your next look, and when you go make sure you come back soon because there will be new surprises waiting for you.

May 07, 2020 — admin