Since you’re already shopping at Boho Pink, there’s probably not too much reason to launch into a full-blown course in apologetics on the reasons for seeking out Boho Fashion. That being said, it’s just too enjoyable to pass up. Why shop for ladies boho clothing, after all, when there are so many other schools of fashion out there?

Well, how about the fact that the Bohemian school, if it can even be defined, could easily absorb almost another school of fashion and still have room for more? You never know what you’ll find when you get it in your head to start shopping for some new boho clothing. Whether you’re looking for a kimono or a scarf, or a jumpsuit or a dress or a halter or a crop top - even something as simple as a cute shirt, you never know what you’ll come across.

You’ll be just as likely to find an exotic animal print as you will be to find a jarring and interesting brightly colored geometric pattern. You might be used to seeing so many earth tones so artfully employed in design but then turn your head toward the ‘little black dress’ of the boho school. Don’t say it can’t be done. Don’t even think it can’t be done. We’ve shown it before.

Then, going even past designs and fabrics, you never know what you’ll find when it comes to the cut of the fabric or the structure of the design. A midi dress or a maxi skirt incorporating some of the aforementioned elements might be immediately recognizable as bohemian where it would seem like any other piece of the fashion world without them. At the same time, you can look through a catalog of boho clothing and be surprised time and time again with the different styles boho fashion incorporates.

Lace and frills and trim and folds of fabric all find a home in boho clothing. A tie-front top in a solid color might not be called bohemian until it was accented and decorated with lace and trim and other ornaments. You can even add a lot of flair to a dress or jumpsuit with something as simple as large, conspicuous buttons. Give a skirt an uneven hem, and create a sense of asymmetry. If ladies' boho clothing does something expertly, it’s to capture and captivate attention, and that much is certainly for sure.

There’s more though. As we mentioned, Boho fashion can swallow up other entire schools of fashion and there would still be room for more. That’s partly due to the historical origins of bohemian fashion. It’s so named today because the first bohemians were transient wandering groups of people who made art and fashion out of the trimmings and scraps they found and for which they bartered.

When put that way, it doesn’t sound like a very noble historical genesis. But there was more to the Bohemian progenitors of ladies' boho clothing than a simple interest in design and a ragtag audacity. They possessed an independent, unwavering spirit. If they didn’t they would never have been brave, and visionary enough to create the designs they did and flaunt them as they did. Sometimes it is said that clothes make the man (or woman). In boho fashion, it’s often the lady that makes the clothes. The statement you present in confidence often goes much further than what you actually wear.

That’s another thing. The designs in ladies boho clothing are so varied and so eclectic because the spirit of the girls who wear them is a reflection of that. Or rather, the clothing is a reflection of the spirit. It takes an indomitable will to manage any hurdle, and in design, it takes a free spirit and Joie de Vivre to consistently come up with so many original and iconoclastic, yet still aesthetic designs. Nothing less could be said of ladies' boho clothing.

But there’s more still. Why turn to us here at Boho Pink to fulfill your craving for original and inspiring ladies boho clothing when there are so many others out there? Well, the main reason should be that our spirit, like yours, is and must be unfettered.

Because of that, we are entirely and wholesomely committed to providing you with an unending stream of newly inspired and newly discovered ladies boho clothing. Our catalog, like the bohemian spirit, is in a constant state of flux. It is always evolving, and always learning, and that can be seen easily from the new designs that we are constantly adding to our online catalog. Shop through our collection of dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, and other outfits today. We know you’ll find something that you’ll love. Just make sure you come back again soon because we would never want you to miss one of our newest and hottest looks. For more information or if you have any questions or would like our take on something, give us a call at 732-242-4148.

April 29, 2020 — admin