Shirt Shackets

When a shirt and a jacket stand together side by side creating a shacket ootd dreams are made. Yes, the fashion gods came together to create a fashion masterpiece. Girls everywhere are in love with this must-have wardrobe item. Of course, the best outfit essentials are created out of necessity and love for a look. That being said, we all love romper dresses (the love child created when a romper and a dress combine) and don’t think twice about how they function in our wardrobe. The same applies to the shacket, it’s a must-have that you’ll love having in your closet. 

Plaid Shacket Women's 

Are you mad about plaid? Then you’re going to love a shacket plaid print, of course, it’s fall season must-have transition piece. Super soft jackets that feature an oversized silhouette that can be styled casually with jeans, joggers, leggings, and a basic tee. Beautiful plaid prints to satisfy whatever stylish mood you're in. Soft, brushed fabrics in creamy fall hues or buffalo plaids in bold colors that will change your vibe with the season. So perfect in plaid, these essential oversized shirt jackets are just what you need when the temperature drop.

When to Wear a Shacket

A hybrid outerwear option that’s both comfortable and stylish. Both shirts and jackets exist in fashion alone, on their own but combined they have a place in the wardrobe. Of course, you have the option of picking one or the other but a shacket makes a style statement that’s perfect for a casual day. It's a better option than a more traditional structured jacket option. Throw one over a tank top or tree and go out and enjoy cooler weather. You’ll be warm enough but not overly warm. There's no better option to transition through the seasons. So, scroll down our virtual shacket aisle and browse our coveted collection to find the color or print that works for you.