We offer such a broad catalog of clothing here at Boho Pink that it can be hard for us to isolate and highlight some favorite picks in bohemian ladies clothing because we have so many. That being said, we’re going to go through some refreshingly designed selections from our catalog, even if only because they stand alone for uniqueness in an already highly unique collection.

Manny Black Floral One Shoulder Bodycon Dress

This boho dress hits so many of the different marks for bohemian clothing that it can almost throw you off balance - in a good way, that is. It makes the most of a wide number of elements that you can frequently find in bohemian clothing and it does so with great poise and elegance.

The off-the-shoulder design is asymmetrical in the perfect way and serves to catch your attention while your other senses of inspiration work their way around this black dress. It’s not too long and not too short, with a full-length sleeve on the other side to grab your eye, and the dress even capitalizes on a cute floral print that adds a huge amount of life and color to a black canvas.

Nonchalant Beige Plunge Halter Bodysuit

This is another great piece from our collection that deserves a look or two or three. It almost seems to rise from the ashes and come out of nothing. Like so many other stellar examples of bohemian ladies clothing, it unites uncommon and unconventional elements in a beautiful design.

This halter bodysuit is backless, fluid and while some would say plain, we will say natural but not indecorous. It is almost the tone of light skin or of sand, and that simple understatement of natural beauty can be seen elsewhere, and commonly, in bohemian fashion. Because it is so unassuming you can pair it comfortably with a ton of other styles.

Beach Babe Ivory Crochet Crop Top

Perhaps no exposition of bohemian ladies clothing would be complete without some representation of lace clothing, and here we stand to present no exception. This is a graceful piece from our collection that you can pair with other pieces of clothing to make a perfect match.

You could use this crop top as an accent or a sort of coverup with a bikini top and you’ll be set for the beach. It also makes the most of the neutral tones of the former entry, although in this example it is much more florid in design. The crochet pattern is a real attention grabber and it’s hard to miss. Simple in color maybe, but it is not simple in design.

Wild Side Brown Zebra Print Sweater

These other options that we explored so far are fine for the summer, but for those who want to rock boho wear throughout the year, you have to find pieces that will keep you warm when the air has a bite. Our Wild Side Zebra Print Sweater is perfect for just that and makes no compromises on style either.

It has a short hem but full sleeves and a relaxed, loose bodice that makes the most of voluptuous folds of fabric. It also is a wool blend so it really is great for keeping cozy when the temperatures drop. That, paired with the unique, naturally toned animal print hits a lot of marks. It’s a versatile, fashionable sweater and it won’t disappoint you.

Hailey Ivory Fringe Sweater

This is another great piece from our collection of outwear. While it might be frilly and cozy enough for the winter, the light, summery colors really make it a match for just about any season when you could use a little extra warmth. Sometimes summer and fall nights get just a bit of chill in the air; this is great for them.

Yet, like all truly great representations of bohemian ladies clothing, it doesn’t stop once the box of function is checked. It has to bring the full force of fashion, and it does. Although somewhat different in character from our Wild Side Brown Zebra Print Sweater, this piece is nearly as cozy. What it lacks in printing, it makes up for in natural tones and a cute, intriguing fringe pattern that adds a lot of motion and character to the top. The point is, there is room in any wardrobe for both sweaters, so don’t feel like you need to choose.

Whichever of these stunning pieces from our online catalog has caught your attention, rest assured they don’t stand alone for their ability to turn heads. While they certainly are some top picks, you really need to spend some more quality time getting acquainted with our collection, and not just because you will love what you find.

You will love what you find, but really you need to check out what you can get before it’s gone. Here at Boho Pink, nothing stays on the virtual shelves for too long, and we are constantly updating our only catalog with fresh new pieces. Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and don’t miss out on some of these (or any of our other) styles!

June 03, 2020 — admin