With boho chic outfits, you have the liberty to choose between so many different trends and designs that you could wear a new outfit every year without ever once repeating on yourself. If we’re being honest, that’s just one of the many things that we love about boho clothing and bohemian style in general. You can look for trends and find a couple, but there will always be something else, something new, waiting around the corner.

Check out some of these popular trends in boho fashion and investigate the one that appeals to you most. None of them is centralized in a single place on our site, so to find some of these styles in our clothing you will have to do a little digging, but don’t worry, they’re there!

Somber and Natural

One of the most widely used themes in the boho school of fashion and design is very simple and can easily be argued to be absorbed into another echelon of fashion as well. In boho clothing, you will find a lot of different garments that are patternless or even plain, and decorated in nothing more than somber natural hues. Tans, earthy yellows, reds and browns, and even forest greens with a touch of warmth can all find a home in some cozy nook filled with boho chic outfits. Take a look through some of our cardigans and outerwear to see what we mean - many of our designs make use of these color schemes. It doesn’t have to be plain, though - many of them are patterned ornately, but still make use of these colors.

Lacy, Frilly, Full of Flair

While earth tones are commonly used in boho outfit ideas, lacy, frilly designs are almost a dead giveaway for boho outfits. Actually, they’re so hard to work into other schools of fashion that a piece of clothing might be labeled boho simply because it has some frills, lace, or extra flow.

Even outfits that otherwise don’t appear to be iconoclastic or bohemian at all can be made so with the addition of some extra flair in the form of lace and frilly patterns. Anywhere there’s some extra character in the form of additional fabric, you have a good shot at putting together boho chic outfits.

Original Patterns

Sometimes boho chic is defined less by its colors and fabric than by its patterns. It’s not altogether too common for boho to absorb odd geometric patterns and designs, but the point of boho is to break the mold, so it’s also not entirely out of the question. This is all the more the case if the ‘pattern’ in question is not really a pattern but a mashup of different designs and shapes that don’t repeat themselves. Look for asymmetrical patterns, you will find them. At the same time, natural patterns like floral and foliate prints are pretty common in boho chic outfits.

Go with an Exotic Print

Although floral and herbal prints are somewhat common in boho outfits, there are a lot of exotic prints that make their home in bohemian fashion as well. Prints that you might associate with the ‘safari’ echelon of clothing may find themselves perfectly suited to boho outfits. Check out our catalog for tops and outerwear in exotic prints like leopard prints, snake prints, and more - you’ll find them. They’ll turn heads, too, so they’re perfect for any boho wardrobe.

Dress to Impress

In addition to these styles of outfits, you can also find a number of dresses on our site that incorporate more than one of these themes, which is what boho was meant to do. Why have one of these styles when you can incorporate them all into a midi or maxi dress or even one of the sundresses you’ll find on our website. Sometimes a dress can be made ‘boho’ simply by altering the color or pattern without even touching the cut.

These are some of the styles that you can pull off with boho outfits, but there are so many more - too many more to categorize. Truth be told, it’s not really possible or practical to try to categorize all of the different styles and types of outfits there are in bohemian fashion. You can describe some of the overarching elements, but you can’t define them all. Boho style is absorbing more and more styles every year, and that means there’s always something new to look forward to.

That’s something else you can love about our collection at Boho Pink. When you come to us to shop, you can find lots of designs indicative of these styles we talked about, but we’re constantly scouring and scouting the market for new looks to add to our collection. Nothing here ever gets stale, and we’re always adding new designs. Check out our many collections and pick something up for yourself, but when you do make a mental note to check back real soon to find a new surprise.

July 15, 2020 — admin