We’ve talked plenty in past blogs about how much freedom you can express by dressing in the boho style. Bohemian clothing appeals to so many different ladies for many different reasons, but a large portion of it certainly has to do with the liberation you can experience from being able to try out so many different looks. Boho fashion is so inclusive that you could wear a new outfit every day for a year and there would be something new for you to try out on the 366th day. It’s just like that; there’s no shortage of inventiveness and creativity in the well of boho inspiration.

Of course, chances are if you are on this page that this is not news to you and that you need no convincing to come back to the font of boho fashion to find a look to inspire you, every now and then. Rather than embark on another ambitious elucidation of the many redeeming qualities of boho fashion, we figured we’d take a look into some of the color symbolism that is associated with some colors commonly used in fashion. Specifically, we’ll take a look at how this color symbolism affects some of our women’s jumpsuits and rompers, and highlight some top picks from our catalog that we think do a great job of illustrating the moods and tones associated with such color symbolism.

Keep one more thing before you dive into this, though - the color symbolism and affectations that we will explore in this article are restricted to neither women’s jumpers and rompers nor to boho fashion in general. You can take this knowledge with you far and wide into the world of fashion the next time you go shopping, in order to put together an outfit from sundry elements that really conveys your sense of self.


We’ll start with black, and we’ll be brief since we already engaged in a vehement defense of black in one of our most recent blogs. Nonetheless, it’s worth it to mention black here, if only for the fact that black is such a versatile and moving color; and also for the fact that many of our jumpers and rompers come in black or gray.

Some people think of black as only a color for mourning; some others reserve black to the echelon of the ‘little black dress.’ Don’t get us wrong in our estimation, black serves admirably in both of these capacities, but black brings so much more to the table than these two compatibilities.

Black is reserved, it is pensive, it is severe, stark, complex, and as blank as white. It is mysterious, enigmatic, surprising, serious, and deep. Without going any further than that, you should be starting to get the impression that you can do almost everything with the color black. Versatility is probably the color’s chief strength, but there’s more.

Black also pairs well with almost everything, including white. There is almost no look that you can’t pair with black, nor any article of clothing that proscribes the possibility. Black, in addition to the traits mentioned in the last paragraph, is also self-effacing, but not in an insecure way. Insomuch as it can be said, it is self-effacing in almost a self-assured way. Black is confident and positive; it can match with anything and it neither gains nor loses anything. This makes black not only versatile but a matchmaker’s dream. The same can’t be said of white, although, as you’ll see in a moment, white is a lot more versatile than a lot of other designers would let on.

In other words, even if you think black isn’t a color that you can wear confidently - you probably can. You just have to give it a chance. In a lot of ways, black will rise to meet the occasion. It can be somber when it is demanded of it, and it can be seductive under different circumstances. Give black a chance; we absolutely promise you’ll be glad you did.


White, like black, is just as often maligned as black, possibly even more frequently. Yet white, like black, is just as useful in the closet as any other color, and taking a boho perspective on the matter, white might be even more effective. In fact, because white is arguably less versatile than black, it is even better suited to absorption into the boho fold.

White, as we’ve mentioned before, is a wonderful color for boho clothing. White is bright, it is unapologetic, and sometimes because of these two factors, it refuses to be paired nicely. The thing is, in boho fashion, sometimes the accent on your clothing comes in the form of a certain level of jarring or of a clash. There are elements of style in boho fashion that just don’t play nicely together. Sometimes it is because the colors don’t match, sometimes it is because there is some discord in the lay of the fabric, and sometimes it is from the imbalanced influence lent by some incongruous accessory. Whatever the case, white is a color that you should also add to your catalog of boho clothing, and if we do say so ourselves, we have a fine collection of women's rompers in white. 

White is the color of purity, and some people would associate it with divinity on some level or other. White is also loud and bold, which makes it stand out. Sometimes it stands out warmly, sometimes it stands out harshly. White can be the color of innocence but it can also be the color of death, which makes it mysterious and deep, just like black. On that note, white and black look beautiful together and catch a lot of attention as well.

Depending on who you ask, white may also represent or convey simplicity or straightforwardness. That is one of the reasons that so many cute shirts come in plain white. Whereas the power of black lies in its versatility, the power of white lies in its stark, unmistakable character. We offer plenty of jumpers and rompers in white (and black) so if we’ve prevailed on your discretion, by all means, check the link above and find yourself something to bring home today.


There may have been more said on the symbolism on the color red than there has been said of black and white put together. Everyone has an opinion on red, some good, and some bad, and while no one agrees on whether it’s a color you should or shouldn’t wear, some details come out of the woodwork the more you dive.

It has been said that you appear more attractive - regardless of your gender - when you wear red. Red is seen as the color of love, but it is seen as much more than that. It is seen as the color of passion, of anger, of effort, of emotion itself. It is the color of blood and when one sees red it is hard to dissociate it from this connection. That may be why it is seen as the color of the heart - because it is literally the color of the living heart.

Red awakens the spirit and impassions the senses. It makes people more prone to taking risks; that is not a figurative expression. Red has actually been intimated in inflaming people and lowering their inhibitions, making them more likely to take risks.

Red is also seen as the color of energy. It is seen as speed, as heat, as movement, as life itself. Blood is the seat of life, so going back to that connection, there might be some truth to it. It is not a calming color but an invigorating one. If there are connections between black or white that make people see them as the color of death, then red must be the color of life. Of course, all of this is subject to some level of doubt, and symbolism itself is a fluid concept; these are just a few of the things that are associated with these colors.

We don’t offer as many women’s jumpers and rompers in red as we offer in black and white, but we have some great picks in them. In our listing of jumpers and rompers, check out our Cassidy Red Satin Wrap Skort Dress, Stephanie Dusty Pink Gingham Tie-Back Romper, and Mila Blush Surplice Ruffle Romper. Start there, and if you like them, keep digging!




It seems like no one can agree on what yellow stands for. Some might tell you that yellow is the color of cowardice, or of sickness. Others will say that yellow is a childish color or the color of dishonesty. That’s where phrases like “yellow-bellied” come from - but this is not the color symbolism we’re going to investigate, because we couldn’t disagree more.


To us, and to others including literary greats like F. Scott Fitzgerald, yellow is the color of friendship and unbridled joy. Admittedly, to Fitzgerald specifically, the color also symbolized wealth and greed, and so he may have cast a negative connotation upon it, but we’ll take the high road and go a step further, calling that wealth grandeur instead of excess.

Yellow, the color of joy, friendship, and gold, is a color that uplifts the spirit, despite the lingering negative associations to it. It is a color that reminds people of warmth, sunshine, and happiness. And if it must be a color that is associated with immaturity, let that connection remind you of the happiness and innocence of youth, rather than naivete. It is a color that inspires happiness and good feelings, and that’s what comes off in some of our yellow jumpers and rompers for women. If that’s what you’re looking for, by the way, you’ll love options like our Mila 


Mustard Yellow Surplice Ruffle Romper or our Caicos Bay Mustard Yellow Two-Piece Romper - though we offer plenty more where that comes from. Check out our collection and get familiar with it; you’ll find something you love, maybe even something in yellow.


Blue is the only color on this list that has a cool persona and is possibly the only color on here that is associated with aloofness or comes along with a feeling of calming character. It has a lot more to offer than that, though. Blue is one of the most versatile colors there is, even approaching the levels of versatility and compatibility that black offers.

Blue can be an intense color, and often connotes feelings of intelligence, royalty, and even a sharp and pointed sense of personality. Blue is a cooling color and does not stir up the senses the way that red and yellow can.


At the same time, there is a gulf of difference between light blue and dark blue. Darker blues are more regal than light blues, and bring with them a sense of seriousness and self-importance, whereas light blues are just that - light. They are light-hearted, even almost friendly.

As there is so much diversity associated with the color blue, you should take some quality time to look through our collection and see how each of our blue designs strikes your fancy. Styles like our Diana Navy Blue Lace Romper are much more stern than light, playful highlights from our collection such as our cheery When In Rome Blue Sage Floral Print Romper.

What else can be said of blue other than that it is calming, grounding, honest, straightforward, and confident? It lacks the flippancy and the passion of red, but it has the same force of character, just in different traits. Don’t settle on one color - add several to your wardrobe.

You may have noticed that this exposition was extremely curtailed in scope and that we left so many colors off this list. That’s because all of us at Boho Pink to take some time to get into each of the colors that we chose, but we look forward to sharing more insight with you in the future. Be sure you check out our catalog of women’s jumpers and rompers on our site, along with our other pages of fascinating boho designs. Check back again soon, because we’re always making additions to our catalog, and when you stop back check our blog again for more highlights and analyses!

July 28, 2020 — admin