While the color black is certainly more universally appealing than more polarizing colors like white, it definitely has its share of associated stigma. We’re here to take a close look at some of these, dispel some myths about black, and offer you a look at some of our fashionable designs in black. That’s right - as you may have come to expect by now, the only thing you can reliably expect from boho fashion is to expect the unexpected - and some black bohemian dresses are the most amazing dresses of all.

First off is the fact that, like white, black can be a really polarizing color, but think of it this way - there is no ‘little white dress.’ So while black can seem intimidating in some situations, you can get away with black a lot more easily (most of the time) than you can do with white. Yet, as we have shown, boho fashion is all about freeing yourself from some of these limitations. We’ve already shown how you can wear white - and right now we’ll do the same with black.

First up is the fact that some people think black is a color that should only be associated with mourning. This is an attitude that is certainly dated enough to merit a rebuttal. Relegating an entire color to a single usage and leaving it there is simply too extreme. It’s just not fair - it’s not like there are as many colors as words, and with relatively few to choose between, you just can’t afford to be so limited in your outlook on a color, especially if you want to get really creative with your wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that black needs to lose its austere spirit; only that, if that’s the way you see it, you need to get more creative with the way you use black as an accessory component in your style of dress.

Then there are those pervasive feelings that black is too severe a color and brings negative connotations. That’s simply a culture-bound issue that is common throughout the cultures of Western Europe but not nearly as common elsewhere. Consider that there are eastern cultures that associate death with - wait for it - white. Recall how it was “the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled” Ishmael in Herman Melville’s magnum opus. Then, of course, there are cultures that associate black with mystery and fertility rather than the negativity which we all too frequently ascribe to it. The narrow view of color symbolism that has taken hold in most of our perspectives is dated - while it can be used to great effect, it’s time to be more open to the freedoms of expression that many different colors, black included, can offer.

Then there are those who will likely be the first to clamor that black is not a color that is easily absorbed into the ranks of boho fashion. These people are entitled to their opinion, but our defense is that, as common as natural tones of sun, sea, sky, and verdure are in boho fashion, the point of boho is to break the mold. Thereby by defining something as ‘not boho,’ wouldn’t the cleverest way to address this concern be to absorb it into bohemian fashion? That is the beauty of inclusion; there’s no room for limits. Boho shatters the limits, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way after our case is made if you aren’t already feeling the inkling of a change of heart.

Continuing here are the innate qualities of jet black that uniquely suit it to so many different settings. The truth of the matter is that black is, in its realm, fitting for mourning, for severity, and for austerity. Yet black is also a color that is intrinsically appealing, calming, and sleek. Black is a naturally slimming color, it is nearly universally appealing, and by virtue of the fact that black is devoid of other hues, it is naturally mystifying. Like white, black is a color that jars the senses. For that reason, it is far from everyone’s favorite, but it also means that black can be put to limitless uses in fashion.

Finally, there is the versatility of the color black. Because black is capable of producing so many different emotional responses, it can be used to great effect in a number of different scenarios. Wear a little black dress on date night, pair a black boho top with a pair of black booties, match a black pair of pants with a dark purse - the opportunities are actually endless, and we are going to take that challenge head-on.

A Sampling of Black Bohemian Dresses

With the admission that there is so much room for the color black to aggrandize itself in the realm of boho fashion, all that remains is to give some real-world examples to prove the effect, and with our evergreen catalog of cute boho fashion, we’re just the people to do it. By the way, in the event you want to check out any of these black bohemian dresses we show off, you can find them right at the link above - and many more.

Looking for a classic little black dress that you can put to use at date night, for a lunch date or just anywhere you want to simmer and dazzle your captive audience? Good news - we offer so many options for that effect that it can be hard to pick out only a handful. Nonetheless, we can try.

Check out our Sundown Black Backless Mini Dress, the very near definition of what it means to be a little black dress. With a short hem, a daring V neckline, tiny little straps and a bodice and skirt that are fluid enough to capture and light your every move on fire, this dress will be your new favorite piece - if you are courageous enough to pick one up. Add it to your rotation and you’ll turn more than a few heads when you break it out.

Another fine example from our collection of little black dresses is our Rhea Black Smocked Mini Dress. Lacy, with tons of character but not flamboyant, and curve-hugging, this dress is the ideal little black dress - maybe even better than the former entry. Anytime you need to impress, this dress will be your best friend. How fortunate it is that dress and impress rhyme in our language. By the way, it bears noting that if you love this dress but aren’t yet sold on black, you can also get it in a number of other colors. Check it out and you will see the rainbow in which we offer it. There’s a little something for everyone to love.

Following up with even more sizzling options in this type of look we would like to present our Christine Black Velvet Bodycon Mini Dress, which nearly stands to rival the former dresses and rob them of the glory they have earned. With nearly invisible straps and a bodice enticing slit at the hem that is even more curve-hugging then the former, this dress is an alluring visual perfection of what it means to be a little black dress.

As you can see, there is no shortage of stunning black dresses in our catalog, but for any of you who have made the observation that each of these is more or less representative of a little black dress and what it means to be a truly bohemian design, we have plenty of curveballs waiting in the wings. As it would turn out, we have plenty more to love where they came from - and even more that possesses uniquely boho character.

For those of you who are in search of designs that are more in line with the traditional canon of the boho appeal, never fear. We have plenty to offer; to wit, check out our Demi Black Strapless Mini Dress, which comes with a hidden back zipper and clasp closure for the perfect style. This dress is very much like a wrap dress of sorts, with ample folds and plenty of flow and fluidity; it even comes with a side tie. Trapless, iconoclastic, endearing, unnervingly and fearless individualistic, it is the epitome of a boho dress. Also, for those who love the design but want it in a different color, we can offer that for you as well.

Our Kelly Black Ruffle Lace Mini Dress is perhaps our best example of what it means to be a boho dress, black or not. This dress is a beautiful balance of a number of elements that come together seamlessly for the perfect boho look and leaves very little to want. The entire ruffle dress is made up of a number of differently patterned sections of polyester fabric, some of which are windows, and joined perfectly with just the right amount of ruffling left in the mix. It even has lacy epaulets and a perforated hem; nearly the ideal look, if you appreciate frills and lace. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great example of boho style comes in the form of our Bianca Black Floral Satin Puff Mini Dress, which is almost in denial about the fact that it comes in black, although we do offer it in different colors. This dress makes the most of boho appeal with its puffy character and big, bold sleeves, while at the same time roping in a floral pattern embossed on the satin-finished dress. It’s a whole lot of boho fashion wrapped up in one dazzling package, and yes - it looks mighty fine in black.

Finally, we’d like to take the chance to introduce you to another favorite of ours, and another one that comes in an unmistakably boho package - albeit a simplified one. The After My Heart Black Tiered Short Sleeve Swing Dress that you will find right here is one of a kind. Fluid, suave, minimalistic, and dashingly short, this dress has plenty of character - more than enough to go around. Add it to your collection and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll also be surprised at how well it can adapt to a number of different situations without making any compromises on style.

Don’t Forget Everything Else

The truth is that black bohemian dresses are only one way to put the color black to work for you. Here at Boho Pink, we offer a lot more than just black bohemian dresses, and in fact, that is one of the smaller categories that we represent. As you can tell from only a cursory investigation into our catalog of bohemian dresses, which are organized by color, we offer much more than that - even setting aside specific categories for dresses in silver, gold, and taupe.

At Boho Pink, you can also find the tops, bottoms, outerwear, and every little thing in between that you need to make your bohemian repertoire truly one of a kind. We’re proud to be the place that shoppers turn to when they need a refreshing break from the “same old, same old” stuff, and that’s exactly what we give them. In fact, we are so firmly committed to providing this experience for our shoppers that we are dedicated to making new additions to our online catalog on a rolling basis. What you see here might be gone tomorrow, but at the same time, there might be somewhere entirely new waiting for you to find it.

Check out our collection of black dresses, along with all of our other categories of bohemian wear and accessories, and treat yourself to whatever suits your fancy. You deserve it, and we’re here to help you get there. If you want any pointers in how to pair up our outfits, give us a call at 732-242-4148 and we’d be glad to hear from you. Even better, connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter by entering your email address below!

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