In this article, we’re going to take on quite a few daring beasts. In the first place, we are going to offer a vindication of rompers, which, though very popular, are intimidating to some ladies. Then, we are going to offer a vindication of the color white. Finally, we are going to take on the pair head-on and showcase some of our favorite white rompers for women that we offer here at Boho Pink.

In Defense of the Romper

Rompers certainly are popular, and more and more ladies are sporting them by the year. Enterprising designers and fashion enthusiasts are really letting their hair down when it comes to design and they’ve been coming up with new, unconventional styles that rock the boat every year.

Many of these are rompers, and people have taken note of the fact that with some uncommon taste, you can really make a new look for yourself with a romper. Part of this is because a romper is just not something you see every day.

That might change in the future as their popularity grows. After all, some fashion trends come back into style after being reliquary for many years. After a certain period of dormancy, what’s old becomes new again and is given a new life and new appreciation. That happens in fashion all the time.

Therefore the case may be that many different styles of rompers are popular because they are new, and that will be shown with time. But the case remains that, whether for their novelty or for a set of other factors, rompers are making waves.

A romper is not a dress, nor is it intended to be a dress. Nor is a romper a top, and it certainly cannot be called a bottom. It owns its own unique niche in the hall of fashion and perhaps better than any other single piece of clothing, can serve as its own self sustaining and self-defining outfit. (Except perhaps for dresses, which we will address shortly).

Because a romper is not a dress, it is free from some of the stuffiness that some designers occasionally saddle them with. Rompers and to a separate degree, jumpsuits, are just different enough from dresses that they are free from the stipulations that go along with dresses. Yet, some of them are fashionably and formal enough to fill the role that many dresses fill. In fact, in many situations, you could wear a romper in place of a dress and you would be able to get away with it. It might even be more fitting to the occasion.

On the flip side, you can accomplish a look that has an air of levity with the right romper, similar to what you could do with a sundress or another ensemble put together for expressly the same purpose.

As you will see from some of the examples we pick out later in this article, there is a huge amount of flexibility that you can achieve given what you pick out of our catalog. There are rompers in our collection that are suitable for putting together formal ensembles. There are pieces in our collection that are perfect for informal gatherings, and there are some that cannot be neatly categorized and completely own their own sense of style and individuality.

Uniqueness, at its core, is one of the cornerstones of boho fashion, and rompers fit well within these bounds at least half the time. As you will see, you can use them to fill other niches, but most of the time you can pick out one of our rompers and march to the beat of your own drum. Though we will focus on white rompers for women below, we encourage you to look at our full catalog of rompers for women because some of our other colors will be just perfect for your repertoire.

In Defense of the Color White

Thus we have a vindication of rompers as it respects fashion. They are here to stay and are going to increase in popularity and you should in no wise shy away from them. Embrace the wave and find some rompers on our site that speak to you. You’ll be glad in the long run that you did because few trends in fashion right now are as truly individual as the proliferation of styles of jumpsuits and rompers that is occurring presently. But what about the color white? If we are able to convince you to try out some new rompers, will we be able to change your mind about white?

We hope that you are already in the camp that is unequivocally accepting of white, but we also recognize that white is a highly polarizing color. There are some justifiable reasons for this polarity, but we would hope to be able to dispel them.

Yes, white is a very loud color. White is also a very bright color. White is also very hard to keep clean, and to some people, it is also charged with symbolism. Moreover, white is a color that has some seasonal taboos attached to it. For better or for worse, white is the most controversial color of them all.

But because we believe in the virtues of a free spirit, we don’t think colors should be polarizing. They are just colors, and all of them can be put to use to create different, beautiful designs.

Avoiding a color because of some preconceived notion is like avoiding a flavor for the same reason. At least try it and see for yourself whether you like it or not.

So what if white is bright? White can be bright - it doesn’t have to be. There are many different shades of cream and off white that are muted and perfect for pairing with other colors. Even if white is loud, use it and own it. Announce yourself, be bold - you deserve to, every once in a while.

White is hard to keep clean, but so are many other popular light colors like pastels that are all the rage in the spring. Treat a white garment like any other light, shall we say, impressionable color and you’ll never notice a difference. Or as we stated in the last paragraph, go with something off white. That’s more natural anyway and fits into a collection of boho rompers for ladies more seamlessly anyway.

As for the taboos associated with pairing white or wearing it at certain times of the year, we say, disregard them. White is not really that hard to pair. You can make a predominantly white outfit and pair white with itself, or you can create an off white getup and pair with colors. You can also pair white with black. Some say it’s too bold. We say they’re wrong. It isn’t - try it - black and white look great together. A black belt with a white romper or a black handbag, hat, and shoes - they all go great with white. That contrast is sharp and pleasing.

The point is, don’t give up on white without giving it a chance to impress you because we firmly believe that it will. If you try out a getup and then don’t like it that’s an entirely different story, but first give it a chance.

Some Highlights from Our Catalog

In short, we say that you should give white a try, and we’d like to present you with some great offerings from our collection to make the shopping experience easier for you. Check out some of these highlights from our collection of women’s rompers; you may even find that you want to bring some home to try them out.

Let’s go with a classic example that doesn’t diverge too much from the norm and showcases white the way white is supposed to be - bright, sharp, unmarked, and bold. Our Bocca White Smocked Strapless Romper doesn’t even come off like a romper at first. It just looks like an off the shoulder dress in bright white, yet it brings a lot to the table. It is a romper so it frees you from some of the monotony that dresses bring, and it has plenty of luxurious folds and is pleasantly short at the shoulder and the hem. This is a bright white romper and it is only the beginning of what we can offer, but if you aren’t feeling too adventurous just yet, we say to give it a shot with this one. 

Another great choice is our Stephanie Pink and White Striped Tie-Back Romper. This romper isn’t as bold as the former and starts to bring some other boho elements into the fold - no pun intended. Off white and with some tones of pink, it is much warmer than the former model. Also, it comes off almost like a very rustic cloth or canvas so it has a very pronounced natural character. The hem is pleasant asymmetrical and the overall design of this romper seems very minimalistic, perfect for someone who wants to break the mold and create their own sense of style.

Another great selection from our collection of white rompers for women is our Monaco White Strapless Romper, which like the immediately former selection is unmistakably bohemian. With a profusion of luxuriously full folds and pleats, this romper is fluid and graceful. It’s also not too bright - it’s not a very clear white, somewhere between bright white and off-white but slightly on the bright white side of the matrix. Actually, it’s kind of hard to explain concisely in words, and they say a picture says a thousand words anyway, so take a look to the right and get an eyeful. It’s worth it.

Remember when we so boldly asserted that black and white were made for each other and go together perfectly? Check out our Meadow Vibes Black and White Floral Print Romper for an excellent representation of this. Also off the shoulder and short of hem, this romper pairs a stunning black floral print with a blank white background for some pleasant contrast and mellow harmony. Also, though sleeveless, the addition of the accents where sleeves should be is otherwise very easy on the eyes.

Our Sofie Ivory White Keyhole Eyelet Romper is perhaps the most interesting piece in our collection of white boho rompers yet. It kind of comes off with the character of a nightgown mixed with a coverup mixed with a sort of sundress, and if that doesn’t sound good in words, you will like the way it appears visual. Take a look at this piece and you will see firsthand exactly what we mean. You can see it showcased at the top of this article by the headline. The image you will see there is of this romper. It has a lot of character for such an unassuming white romper, and being something of an off white, might be more accommodating for those who want to shy away from really bright white rompers. 

Finally, we welcome you to take a look at the Caicos Bay White Two Piece Romper that you will find in our collection. If you thought all rompers were the same then we have some real news for you. This almost has the character of a bikini top with a short bottom but it is its own thing. It’s another one that you should see rather than being told about, so check it out to the left. You might find that it’s best by the beach or the water in general, but however you want to go about it it’s definitely one of our highlights.

If you liked any of these selections and you find your opinion on white swayed, then we can congratulate ourselves on a job well done. We would, however, like to caution you not to wait too long before springing for any of them. We are constantly updating and refreshing our inventory here at Boho Pink, so what you see today may not be here tomorrow. Also, we are currently making new additions to our catalog, so even if a favorite gets sold out, you can also expect to find something new in our store!


June 10, 2020 — admin