Bohemian style is so inclusive. It picks and chooses from different elements, patterns, designs, influences, and even colors and distills them into an eclectic finished product with a flatteringly wide appeal. It frees you to pick and choose the designs you like to further refine your own image and come up with the looks that you love most. Best of all, the nature of the Bohemian style goes far beyond clothing. It is a lifestyle, even a sense of decoration, that takes the best out of life and brings you a smattering of it in every design.

Even though Bohemian style goes so much farther than just dresses or clothing, there’s no better way to put forth your best self than in a Bohemian dress. Sure, you can rock a blouse or a skirt or even some Bohemian sweater or shawl, but the freedom of designs you can find in a dress, as well as the huge variety in styles and patterns, makes it possible for you to build an entire wardrobe solely out of Boho dresses.

Even if you limit yourself to one color, say, black, there’s so much variety in cut, length, fold, fabric, pattern and more that you can build out a week's worth or more of outfits just in black Bohemian dresses. Alluring, mystifying, stimulating, black is a color that will forever hold a place in the hearts of so many who appreciate Boho fashion. And when you shop here at Boho Pink, we can offer you some of the most original designs, hard to find looks and a constant supply of fresh pieces in our lineup. Speaking of black Bohemian dresses, here are some top picks in black Boho dresses that you can use to put forth your best look for the new year.

Some Top Picks In Our Black Bohemian Dresses
We offer so many black Bohemian dresses with so many different twists on style that it’s hard to pick a place to start. We offer black Boho dresses for formal occasions, for cocktail parties, for casual soirees, even for outdoor wear. We have simple, unadorned styles and complex, ruffly patterned options. With so much versatility, picking out just one becomes a trial quickly. That being said, let’s start with some of our more reserved and formal black Bohemian dresses.

Perhaps the best place to start is with our Selena Black Mock Neck Halter Dress. For all of its graceful and alluring cuts and lines, it’s one of the most reserved options of simple black eveningwear. This is a dress that could be used to great effect at formal gatherings. It’s simple, without a pattern and relies entirely on its cut to make its effect. And an effect does it make - it’s inviting, nearly imposingly unadorned. Wear it with confidence out on the town or on a date - this dress packs a whole lot of character for one of our most simple options in terms of fabric and folds.

For something that’s even more reserved but stately and proper, take a look at our Obvious Fondness Striped Midi Dress. If it weren’t for the somewhat bold colors of the stripes on this dress, it would be even more impressive in pure black. The cut and lay of the fabric are even more simple than the former entry and its length coupled with the fact that it covers the shoulders give it an air of gravity and command. It’s only the stripes that serve to break up the serious package and give a little bit of lightness and levity to the look.

It could be much more austere, but the stripes breathe the life of Boho style right back into it. This dress, like the former, could make a great addition to your collection of eveningwear, although it will shine even brighter on occasions where a more serious decorum is required.

If a long dress is the sense of style you’re looking for, we have many other options that will please you and your company. Take a look at some of our midi dresses. Consider our Becca Black Floral Two-Piece Midi Dress for the fact that you could wear it for so many different occasions. It’s not as formal as the first two options, but it sure packs a lot of style into such a simple package. It offers so much movement with its trailing hem and ruffles around the shoulder and waist that even without a pattern this dress is bright enough. Be that as it may, the cute floral pattern lets just a touch of light shine through the darkness of this dress. It has all the character of a sundress in a package that just happens to be black. Well, Boho style is all about making it yourself, and this dress does just that.

Our Along The Prairie Black Floral Print Midi Dress offers a similar sense of style to our Becca Black Floral Two-Piece Midi, yet despite the fact that it includes less color, it’s not as bright. It could be the warm tones of the Becca Black, but the Along The Prairie is just much cooler and calmer. Its more modest hem is flat across the bottom for a bit more formality, yet the frilly straps and floral pattern bring back a little light to a look that might otherwise be too serious. This dress doesn’t carry the same weight as some of our more formal offerings as a result. You could wear it to a party, out to dinner, to a show - you name it, you could make it in this dress.

Straddling the divide between formal and provocative is our Rules Of Intent Shadow Striped Black Body-Con Midi Dress. Sharp, smart and stylish, this dress is more inviting than serious, but it definitely packs a lot of style in that same package. One might almost say it’s intimidating. It begs to be taken on a date, out shopping or to a gallery. Pairing gold with black is no new trick, and neither is the use of stripes in fashion, but this dress, for all that, is unmistakably individual. It’s definitely too much dress not to be taken out where it can be shown off - you just need to figure out the venue.

Getting more into the true character of the free-natured Bohemian style, let’s take a look at our Heartbreaker Backless Black Lace Flare Dress. This dress needs no pattern or even some exotic fabric to make its mark. It’s all about the cut of the lace and the frills of this dress that gives it so much depth. Who needs patterns and colors when you can have free-flowing frills and lace that dance as you move? This dress offers the perfect balance of the sternness of black and the liberty of a short hem and spaghetti straps. Black might make this dress a bit too dark to be a summer dress, but it just has all the character of one. If not a summer dress, make it a dancing dress. It would be a shame to keep all the motion and life of this dress locked down.

For some real Bohemian spirit, how about our Sweet Escape Deep V Lace Dress? This dress showcases an interesting mix of different elements. The shoulders are covered, but the hem is short and the dress has plenty of fabric cut away. As fluid and graceful as the former entry but with the somber influence of some earth tones, this dress gets right back to the basics of Boho style.

The electric patterns and exciting cutaway of the fabric give life and action to a color that is usually known as bleak and mournful. This dress couldn’t be further from that. It’s light, airy, even playful. What a little bit of lace and a bright pattern can do to a dress is truly amazing. You can wear this dress for so many different occasions there isn’t even sense in outlining them. Be your best self - go your own way.

Another real exhibition of Boho style is our Melrose Black Polka Dot Dress. Nothing is more simple than polka dots on black fabric, but this dress pairs some unconventional features like long sleeves and a front tie with a plunging neckline into one package that is unmistakably Bohemian. It needs to be shown on the streets or on a runway, but make of it what you will.

One of our black Bohemian dresses that’s much in the style of the previous dress except with way more reserve yet playful and serious at the same time is our Mademoiselle Black Mock Neck Skater Dress. Long sleeves, a closed collar and a short hem come together to complete the package of a Bohemian look that gives you the same flexibility as so many of our other dresses. The mix of elements is a bit too aloof to make it a dress for a formal occasion, but it certainly can be worn to great effect in casual environments or anywhere else that you wan to sizzle. Our Second Chance Black Wrap Dress is somewhat like it, but with a plunging neckline and much more graceful flow in the fabric. This dress needs to be moved in. It’s not necessarily a dancing dress, but you definitely could dance in it anyway.

Our Sand Key Striped Maxi Dress is the perfect mix of black and white and makes a dress more fluid than you might have thought possible. It may have a long hem, but it’s all in strips that give the dress an impressive depth of flow and features other incongruous elements like epaulets, a plunging neckline, and a bare midriff.

It’s a black dress, but there’s just so slow and perhaps enough white to make it a dress for the beach or the boardwalk. It’s definitely not meant to be kept inside. This dress needs to be out in the open air for its spirit to flourish.

Another selection that definitely brings in a whole bunch of Boho elements of style. Our Destin To Become Black Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress is a totally novel style. It’s almost stern, without color or pattern or lace to lighten it, and with long sleeves and a turtleneck, it’s close and deep. The fact that it’s so simplistic makes it fitting for perhaps a wider range of environments than any of our other Boho dresses, perhaps unfitting for only the most strictly formal occasions. As with all things Bohemian, go your own way and wear it how and when you intend to impress, and it will do the rest.

Whether it’s one of these dresses that appeal to your need for a black Boho dress or you want something just a little bit different, don’t forget to look through our black Boho dresses and other Boho clothes. You never know what you’ll find.

Find Them All Right Here At Boho Pink
This is only a very small selection of the gorgeous and versatile black Bohemian dresses we offer here at Boho Pink. Take a look at all of our black Bohemian dresses right here and find the one that works for you. What’s interesting to note is that black is not a color commonly associated with Boho style - you’ll find so many more options in heavy earth tones, yet our selection of black Boho dresses is second to none. Find the style you like for the setting you need to match and set yourself up in style.

When you shop here at Boho Pink, however, we offer you so many more options to fill out your Boho wardrobe than black dresses. Take a look at our selections of dresses which you can shop through according to your preference in color. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our bodysuits, tops, kimonos, skirts and more that we offer right here on our site. One more note - we’re constantly on the look for new styles and new designs to add to our catalog, so make sure you check back frequently. You never know what new style or gorgeous new dress or blouse you’ll find here at Boho Pink.

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