What’s not to love about sweaters. Wear them in all seasons, even in the cooler nights of summer, and you’ll be cozy and warm. Keep a spare in the car or at a friend’s house and never be without the luxury of a warm, soft sweater wherever you go. There’s not too much more enjoyable than curling up in a warm, cozy knit at any time of year when you want the caresses of something soft and warm.

You know what’s great about some of our cute sweaters for women? Even greater than the fact that so many of them are plush, cozy and impossibly warm? What’s so great about so many of the pieces in the collections we offer here at Boho Pink is the fact that so many of our knits will dress you to impress.

The great thing about some of our collection is that they aren’t just comfortable and warm. Sweaters are as great a way to make a statement and look your cutest, even if they also keep you snug and comfortable. There are so many on our site that you can rock at any time of day, even at any time of day to look your absolute greatest. And when you pair them with some of our other cute boho clothing and fashion accessories, there just won’t be any stopping your style.

Here we present you with some of our favorite styles in our cute sweaters for women and ways you can get the most out of the looks they offer you. This isn’t a complete list, though. We offer so many cute sweaters for women that to find the ones you’ll really love you’ll want to look through our full product offering right here at Boho Pink.

Jane Tan Chunky Turtleneck Sweater
We’ll start with a classic option that offers a lot of traditional styling and doesn’t rock the boat too much - at least not in the ways that some Boho fashion can tend to do sometimes. This chunky knit sweater offers you all the cozy warmth of a thick turtleneck so you can be comfortable curled up during even the nastiest weather.

Being warm doesn’t mean you have to make any concessions on style, though. The ribbed knit will hug you perfectly and offer you the perfect fit, which means that you can wear this sweater out in the cold or just because of the form-fitting grace it offers you. Comfortable enough to pair with your favorite jeans but classy enough to match with more formal styles, there’s a place in every wardrobe for this sweater - or another like it from Boho Pink.

Fleet Street Camel Cardigan Sweater
Here’s an option that will keep you warm and offer you lots of style and function when it comes to coziness, but this is an offering that really lets the Bohemian spirit shine through. The collared neckline, wide lapels and cuffed sleeves really bring a bit of contrast to this otherwise unassuming sweater that almost sits like a long shawl or an overcoat. The pairing of incongruous elements is what boho fashion does without fail, and without fail this sweater brings you some of the best of that commitment to fashion.

It’s warm and soft, but with so many different, almost clashing features, it sets the perfect tone. Not too much of any one thing, this is a sweater you can wear as much for comfort as to make an impression. Stark black accentuation on the lapels and the pockets on the outer side of the sweater really through the warm brown overtones into sharp relief, increasing the sharp character of this sweater. Warm and stylish, it will not disappoint you or your company.

Wild Side Brown Zebra Print Sweater
This is another sweater that also lets the headstrong spirit of boho design and fashion shine through. It would have been enough to design a sweater that draped gracefully over the form, but that wasn’t enough for the designers at Wild Side. They went one (totally necessary!) step further and added a beautiful zebra stripe design to this sweater.

As we’ve said of our other pieces, wear it to look great or wear it to be warm and comfortable, it makes no difference. Wear it for both and get the effects of both. It won’t just delight you with its soft embrace. It will delight you with the inescapable touch of the ‘wild side’ it lends you, and with the intrepid and bold spirit, it will lend you - in which you no doubt will take some part.

Gwyneth Rust Granpa Cardigan

We won’t speculate too much on the significance of the name. We’ll just let the visual character of the piece do its own talking. Of course, you’ll want to see it for it to do that for you, and here it is.

It offers a relaxed fit, a draped fit, almost giving the impression that the piece is intentionally inappropriately sized, like a hand me down or a salvaged piece. But of course, that’s where all the allure lies. It’s like a reclaimed piece of fashion that was ignored by the populace, only to be rediscovered for its fineness by someone with the practiced eye of a connoisseur (that’s you, by the way).

And fineness it does offer. It’s striking just the same for the fact that it fits loosely and unassumingly. The boldness you will exhibit wearing it proudly is fully half of its appeal, so add it to your closet and break it out when you want to dazzle your audience.

Hailey Black Fringe Sweater
Here’s a selection that really gets to make the most of a mix of cozy comfort and frilly boho style. Of course, this would be a cute top if it only offered one of these elements but naturally, it offers you both, and why wouldn’t it? That’s the point!

Frill, fluff, and lace are some elements that people really look for in boho designs. In fact, for some people, it’s a defining feature or at least their favorite. This is a soft design that can keep your cradled and cozy in the cold but isn’t too heavy to wear out comfortably. Plus, you’ll look great in it, so there’s basically nothing lacking, and plenty to love. Go all black with it, or pair it with some bright pants or a colorful skirt to really pop.

Positano Olive Green Knit Dolman Top
What could be simpler than a Dolman top without a pattern, lace, or any other striking features? Well, simple as it may be, it’s that very simplicity that draws attention to this design, and the designers were doing something right with it. It’s a relaxed fit but it carries a lot of character, so depending on how you pair it you could wear it in a very toned down setting or take it out at night.

The long sleeves basically disappear into the folds of its design, and the olive green reminds the eye of the earth tones that are so commonly used to great effect in boho fashion. Comfortable, adaptable and stylish as always, this can make a great addition or accessory to any closet.

In My Habitat Fuzzy Zebra Print Cardigan
Yes, we’ve already looked at one zebra print sweater, but we just couldn’t conclude this exposé without bringing you this one as well. At least we can say we’ve shown both off.

This fuzzy zebra print sweater is almost like a jacket in its cut and fit. Combining the appeal of fuzzy clothes with the audacity of its bright natural print, this sweater can be great as a part of an outfit you build around it to complement its style or just worn on its own as a sweater to keep you warm. Just be warned - if you do wear it solely to keep you warm, you won’t be able to avoid making a statement in it.

Jess Pink Fuzzy Cropped Cardigan

Now we’re really going to come in hot with the indomitable spirit of boho fashion. Our Jess Pink Fuzzy Cropped Cardigan is perhaps our best example of that. Not quite a sweater, but definitely not something else, this selection is original, cute and stylish.

It’s warm, cozy and fuzzy, but it needs something else to really pull it all together. Pick out another top to pair with it or build another outfit around it and you will be impressed by the admiration it draws.

Cropped and with short sleeves, it draws in just the perfect amount of interest and intrigue without being an overstatement - nearly the perfect example of a cute boho sweater.

Vanessa Black Cropped Cardigan Sweater
Frills and lace are two things that people think of when they think of boho fashion. It could be because the original bohemians made great use of whatever trimming of fabric they could get their hands on to make their style, but for better or for worse, lace is inextricably linked with boho fashion today. And it doesn’t really matter what the origins are because who would complain when it looks so good!

Consider our Vanessa Black Cropped Cardigan Sweater to see a fine display of how lace can really set the tone of cute sweaters for women. The sleeves are almost lost in the design, and the whole thing looks like an open-knit shawl. Pair it with your favorite boho outfit to add a new dimension to it or make your next favorite outfit just for this cardigan.

Figure It Out Twist Front Sweater Top
This adorable boho sweater doesn’t just have a cheeky name, it’s one of our favorite designs. What might just be another sweater is revolutionized by adding a twist front to the design. Now, it’s not just a sweater, but a fashion statement, an attraction, a way to add a whole other shade of character to your outfit.

Long sleeves and graceful folds define this piece and you could take it any direction you want. Pair it with jeans, a skirt or with another outfit and you’ll come out with an entirely individual look. The epitome of boho style, this sweater is cute, trendy, individualistic and even possibly irreverent.

Don’t stop with these, though - you can check through our full listing of cute sweaters for women listed above to find the style or styles that you like best. That’s the way to do it, too. Never let anyone tell you what to like, and that couldn’t be more true of boho fashion. In fact, the freedom to go with your own styles and pick and mix and match what you like best is basically the cornerstone of Boho fashion. Use what you have or what you like and look great doing it. That’s what it’s all about.

Also, while you’re here on our site, don’t forget to take a look through our catalog of boho clothing and accessories right here on our site. We will boldly, and proudly, claim that we are the best there is - no one holds a candle to us when it comes to the range of styles and designs we offer in interesting and unique boho clothing for women. Whether you’re trying to execute an outfit for the most formal of occasions or just want to look your best when you’re out with the girls, you can find anything you need for any occasion right here on our page.

And even after you’ve found what you love, don’t forget to check back more often than not! Our selections are always changing and evolving, and we’re always looking for new pieces and new styles to add to our catalog, so what you see here this week might be different next week. It means you could always be in for a surprise and that’s something so many people love about bohemian fashion - you never know what you’re going to find. Keep the audience impressed, and keep them on their toes - find your next boho outfit right here.

February 24, 2020 — admin