There’s nothing like picking out one of your favorite boho chic tops to put together an outfit that you know you’ll feel great in while turning heads. That’s part of what makes boho fashion so enjoyable - the freedom, the versatility, and the number of different elements incorporated into the style.

At Boho Pink, we’re proud to be one of the finest boutique outlets where you can turn to find new styles when you just need something different. Even if you can combine your favorite top six ways to Sunday for a seemingly endless array of styles, for those times when you need something totally new and refreshing, you can come to Boho Pink with high spirits.

That’s because when you come to shop with us at Boho Pink, you don’t just get access to our classic portfolio of boho tops and other boho fashion items. There will always be a little something new waiting for you to discover it right here. We’re always on the lookout for new designs and new clothing to add to our catalog. After all, how could we keep so trendy without making new additions?

So come here to find something new or come here for the classics, we’ll have the styles you crave to put together your ideal ensemble whether it’s for cocktail hour or for browsing a gallery. Here are some top picks (no pun intended) in boho chic tops that you can find right here at Boho Pink.

Monika Tan Snake Print Lace Cami
This one is a real winner and it sports some serious classic vibes. While we can’t say that the classic Bohemiennes of old wore snake printed anything, they certainly left us in the modern-day with an appreciation for the natural themes and colors around which they created clothing, jewelry, and art. Whether it’s a muted earth or forest tone or a natural pattern that graces a piece of bohemian clothing, it’s bohemian nonetheless.

In this case, we offer a lace cami top printed elegantly with a snakeskin pattern that just needs to be shown off. Attractive, lively, and provocative, it’s inspiring to see just how much can be done with the simple colors of snakeskin. Pair it with jeans or a skirt and you’ve got a look that would just be tough to match.

Thira Blush Leopard Print Sweater
This offering offers a little bit more of the flavor of urban refinement to an unmistakably bohemian package. It might be because the pattern is muted or altered, but the result is terrifically effective. Even though it’s not quite as unadulterated and natural-looking as the former entry, it’s a moving image. So much character is given to the graceful flow of this bohemian sweater, even though the pattern is only noticeable on close inspection - what a testament to fashion design.

Kelly Mocha Knit Turtleneck Sweater
Let’s take a break from the nature themes and get right back into the neutral tones that define the bohemian style. With this offering, we don’t even include a pattern to give it extra character - we lean right on the color and cut. This sweater is graceful in its folds, and the simple style of its raised, pronounced stitching gives it a down to earth and unpolished look - not in any way a criticism but rather an accolade due to bohemian fashion. Wear it to your favorite cafe or bar because it would be right at home in the atmosphere. Then again, it makes enough atmosphere of its own.

Warm Up To Me Black Colorblock Oversized Knit Tunic Sweater
We’ll let you decide whether this sweater is typical of modern design or draws more deeply from the well of bohemian inspiration. For is, the tactful juxtaposition of positive and negative light with warm earth tones just smacks of the bohemian refusal to assimilate, even if overall it has an oddly modern feel. It gives an unmistakably relaxed air to a setting or an outfit, and whether or not you wear it out or while you’re comfortable at home is up to you. It will suit you admirably in either situation.

Don’t waste too much time taking these suggestions to heart though - browse our site for boho chic tops right now and find what’s best for you. While we know what we’re talking about and we’d love to help inspire you, it’s up to you to find the style that you want to pull off. You’ll never get there by reading about them - words don’t do half the justice necessary to so many of our inspirational and intriguing designs.

When it comes to fashion, it's not just about looking good. It's also about feeling good. That's why Boho Pink is committed to providing pieces that are not only cute and stylish but also comfortable and high-quality.

Each piece is carefully crafted using the finest materials to ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting durability. Whether you're out dancing with your besties or lounging around at home, you can trust that your outfit will keep you looking and feeling fabulous. So go ahead, browse through our collection and find the piece that speaks to you. Whether it's a flirty off-the-shoulder or a cozy oversized sweater, Boho Pink has something for everyone. Get ready to turn heads and make a fashion statement like no other.

Check out our apparel of boho tops and more and don’t forget to check our other offerings in bottomsouterwear, and jumpsuits so you’re ready with a multitude of styles. One more thing - after you’ve found your favorites today be sure to stop by soon so you don’t miss any of our new offerings.

February 10, 2020 — admin