One of the most enjoyable aspects of ladies’ bohemian fashion is how inclusive it can be. Bohemian fashion can take on so many forms that it can be dizzying at first sight, and that’s not only in terms of color, design, and style but rather, all three.

It’s just as common to find little black dresses in a catalog of bohemian wear as it is to find a halter top with lace or floral pattern. Bohemian fashion welcomes in designs and patterns that would be at home by the pool or the beach as well as at the bar or in town shopping.

This might be partly due to the fact that bohemian fashion has its roots in bohemian culture, which thrives off of an eclectic mix of somewhat unpredictable elements. You might be accustomed to earth tones like olive green and tan and sunset pink in a lineup of bohemian fashion, only to be surprised by a curveball of brightly patterned geometric or floral patterned dresses replete with folds and frills and lace..

This diversity of elements comes together to make bohemian fashion eternally fresh. No matter how used you find yourself growing to the prevalence of a certain color, pattern, fabric or cut, next week or month or even next year you’ll find some designer putting a twist on it that you didn’t expect.

Women’s jumpers and rompers, for example, have become a fixture of bohemian and design. Whether for their refreshing novelty or the fact that the incongruous blending of elements makes them stand out, they have made their mark in fashion, and enterprising designers have made great strides in adapting women’s jumpers and rompers to quite a range of settings.

Jumpers and Rompers for Formal Occasions
Your first impression of women’s jumpers and rompers might be that they aren’t particularly well fitted to formal occasions, but there’s so much more versatility than you might expect. We’re not advocating the use of a jumpsuit or a romper as a replacement for a suit or some other dress for the most formal occasions, but take a look at these selections from our lineup and we think you’ll agree: women’s jumpsuits and rompers can make quite a splash for formal occasions.

Check out our Hamilton Black Culotte Jumpsuit and we think you’ll know just what we mean. It is an expert blending of the most austere and sophisticated elements that come together in the unlikely package of a jumpsuit. Short sleeves that only just cover the shoulder, legs that reach almost to the ankle and the absence of any excessive movement or flow with the exception of a simple belt across the waist deepen the severity of the package. It’s well suited to fairly formal occasions - don’t replace your wardrobe entirely, only accent it with this. Wear it at cocktail parties, soirees and more with great confidence.

You know what’s almost just as well matched to formal gatherings as this option, although it definitely possesses a pronounced edge? Our Glamorous Scene Black Tie Front Jumpsuit. It’s not quite as simple as the former offering and so it is somewhat less severe, but it still has that ‘little black dress’ spirit that will enable you to wear it with poise in serious situations - or just where you hope to impress. The unaccented bottom half is thrown into relief by the slight intrigue offered by the extra black folds of fabric across the front tie. Where it any time you want to turn heads but still need to reserve a dignified measure of poise.

Black might be a fitting color for just about any formal situation, but it doesn’t hold a monopoly over formal wear - especially since we’re treading the liberated waters of boho fashion. This might be a reach, but consider our Gaea Oxblood Red Satin Strapless Romper if you’re looking for a romper that can be worn in certain formal settings and is free from the bonds of black. This particular offering is starting to get into the realm of what’s immediately identifiable as boho wear, with its flowing folds that cover nearly the entire front of the romper. It doesn’t meet certain formal criteria - but it certainly makes for evening wear, at least as well as the former offerings.

Jumpers and Rompers for Casual Festivities
Casual festivities are getting much more into the central purview of women’s jumpers and rompers, and our catalog of jumpers and rompers is literally bursting with amazing options in just about every color, cut and pattern for any casual occasion. All that’s left for you to do is fill your closet and match the occasion with the dress.

Give our Keli Olive Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit just one look and you’ll be in love. That’s all the better since this only scratches the surface of what our jumpsuits and rompers can offer you in casual settings. This gracefully, bountifully flowing olive green jumpsuit hits nearly every mark on the bohemian scale. The cascading legs seem just a little bit at odds with the absence of straps, which draws attention to its design, and where there is no pattern there is an abundance of fabric. If that weren’t enough, the plain olive green, unadorned as it is by a pattern, is almost so pure it’s a color you might recognize from the natural verdure of some wild pasture you’ve saved in some fond corner of your memory. It’s perfectly bohemian and very comfortable with its image.

How about our Cabana Club Peach Ruffle Romper? This romper is available in several colors but we just love this peach version. Just like our Keli Olive, this romper relies fairly heavily on its natural tone to negate the want of a pattern. The peach is like sunkissed fruit, or maybe the soft dusk of the late summer sky reflected from calm waters. It’s definitely naturally recognizable. Either way, it’s ruffles and folds make up for any lack of pattern, if that’s how you see it. It’s as wonderfully bohemian as the above offering, and just as wonderfully suited to just about any casual setting.

These two options are more alike than dissimilar, however, so for another pick for an informal setting will get more into another corner of bohemian design. Take a look at our When in Rome Blue Sage Floral Print Romper for a refreshing dive into another realm of boho fashion. Light blue and singing of all things vernal, this adorable little dress is soaked in floral beauty. Like a spring field transposed against its own blue sky, this dress brings natural tones into blissful juncture with natural patterns for another immediately recognizable boho style. Like those options we looked at before it, it would make an excellent option for most formal occasions. Just fit it to the setting and you’ll be on your way.

Feeling Playful? Check Out Our Other Women’s Jumpers and Rompers

Formal and casual styles don’t have the market ratcheted down on boho clothing - we’re going to show you just how you can use so many of our styles when you’re feeling playful, and it’s in that vein that you’ll see many of the true colors of boho style come out and shine.

Take a look at our Dance It Up Black Print Romper, which is great for much more than dancing, despite the name. It’s ruffled, strapless, form-fitting and decked out with a colorful pattern that seems somewhat floral but doesn’t quite define itself. Regardless, the color of the pattern shines through the black background beautifully and creates a very interesting mix of colors. It’s that type of balance between what seems to be conflicting elements that make boho style so unique and fitting in so many different settings. In this case, it’s a great look for a playful mood.

Our Endless Lace Blush Deep V Romper is another great example of a boho look you can rock when you’re feeling flirty or playful. Light pink lace graces a form-fitting romper with a plunging neckline. It’s cute and gorgeously embellished, perfect for a flirtatious mood or just when you want to look your best.

We may have saved the best look for last, especially if your angle is to find a playful and cute boho look that you can wear time and time again. Check out our Ariah Front-Tie Tropical Print Strapless Romper, that we offer in a bunch of cute colors, including pink, black, and orange. Take a look at this design in ivory to get the impression we think you can make with it. Ivory has so much more warmth than white that it will perfectly frame the tropical print that graces it. It also has a very interesting cut, with fabric that extends down the front and draws attention to itself. The tie across the front is another nice accent - whatever way you choose to wear it it’s nearly sure to impress itself. Come to think of it, this is a great playful look, but it’s equally well matched to our next category as you’re about to find out.

Wear Them by the Beach or Pool
One specific setting in which so many of our women’s jumpers and rompers will shine is by the water, whether that be by the ocean, the pool or a lake. So many of our styles are so well matched to the poolside that you’ll probably be convinced that that was the express purpose for their design.

We’ll ease into it. Take a look at our Plum Island Mustard Palm Print Strapless Culotte Jumpsuit. This design, in particular, has a lot of the character of a sundress about it, and we won’t dive into how a sundress or a summer dress makes a good match for the pool or the beach. No, it’s not in a light color like white or pink or yellow, but this is boho style after all. The insinuation of yellow from the design is plenty for the summer, and the light sky blue and natural green tones round out its bohemian pattern. The strapless look is perfectly matched to summer weather and this particular dress would be well paired with many bathing suits.

Take a look at our Krissy Yellow Lead Print Smocked Strapless Skort Dress, which is just perfect for summer wear, specifically for the water. Yellow is a summer cool, to be true, and this dress adds just a little bit of motion with its light pattern. Otherwise, its bright yellow does all that needs to be done. The boho top is reminiscent of some styles of bikini and the bottoms are perfectly designed to shake up the style. Where the top is well defined the bottom is skirtlike, almost like a partial cover-up paired to a bikini.

Now take a look at this same dress but in Gold Print. This skort dress is just perfectly suited to the beach or the pool or just the summer in general for all of the reasons that we’ve already explored, but this model in gold takes its appeal to a new level. Yellow is happy and summery and fierce, but this gold just shouts out boho style. It showcases an interesting design that is not immediately recognizable but does hold your attention, and the gold backdrop is somewhat more bronze and earth-toned than words might convey. If you want to match boho style to the beach, this is just about as good as it gets.

As you can see, there’s no way to neatly categorize boho style. Pieces of boho design just fit too nicely into far too many different niches and in far too many settings to be easily typified. Which, in fact, was somewhat our premise - that you can use boho clothing to make your look in just about any setting. Keep in mind, too, that right here at Boho Pink we are committed to making continuous additions and improvements to our inventory, which means when you check back next week there could be a whole new round of surprises waiting for you. Take a look through our offerings in women’s jumpers and rompers and make your next look with our wildly diverse boho catalog right here on our site.

March 09, 2020 — admin