As the weather starts getting warmer, the one thing that is on the minds of all college students is spring break. This one week is when they finally get to relax and take some time off from their studies. But being in college also means that the average student probably has little to no money. So, how exactly is a broke person able to afford a one-week trip away?

It’s no secret that your income isn’t exactly substantial in college. It’s not always the best idea to distract yourself from school just to find a mediocre job. But on the other hand, many other people have accomplished managing a job with school, so it’s not impossible. The key is to organize your time and avoid unnecessary distractions. The ways for you to save money before and during spring break are plenty, you just need put in a little effort.

  1. Save Money with a Part-time job

Before you embark on your vacation it may be a good idea to start looking for a part-time job. Being that you are a college student with no real-world skills, your job opportunities are limited. So, it’s important that you look anywhere you can to find work. A good place to begin is right at your college campus. Colleges offer tons of part-time jobs that cater to any student’s needs.

Looking for ways to help reduce your tuition cost? Great, most colleges offer financial aid programs for students who work certain jobs on campus. From library jobs to resident assistants, and even receptionists, there is no shortage of work you can find. With the money you make through your part-time job, you’ll have extra cash in hand for your upcoming break!

  1. Start Side Hustling to Save Money

This is something that is a little more flexible for the average college student. The year is 2020, and with a laptop and an internet connection, the world is in the palm of your hands. Your side hustle can be anything involving the internet. You may even already have a social media presence which you can leverage to find some clients.

You can start marketing any skills you have and make money online as a freelancer. You don’t need a degree to do this, but you will need credibility. If the goal is to save money for spring break, then you can definitely do that with only a few gigs. Find what you are good at and figure out if there is a market for it online.

  1. Plan Your Trip Accordingly

Planning your trip in advance is the most important thing you can do if you want to save money this spring break. Figure out where you want to go and once you do, find out how to get there as cheap as possible. For example, if you are going with a group of friends split all the transportation costs between yourselves. Also, consider buying your plane tickets in advance so that you get them at a better price. If you buy tickets last minute, you’ll be stuck with the holiday surge prices.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

I know that it’s spring break and you’re probably dying to have a good time, but alcohol can be a huge expense. Alcohol consumption has the potential to increase the price of your trip threefold. The good news is that you don’t need alcohol to have fun on spring break. Most of the activities involving booze are overrated anyway. Instead, consider exploring your environment with friends; some countries have the most beautiful natural environments worth exploring. If you go somewhere tropical, the beach will always be a fun time.

You could attend event shows, dances, tour guides, and comedy clubs: Spring break doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money to be fun. You’ll appreciate this when you don’t have a monstrous credit card bill by the end of the trip.

5. Save Money by Going to Affordable Places

The best way for you to save money on spring break is by choosing a cheap location to visit. You don’t have to go to Miami or Cancun like everyone else. Choose a destination that is both exotic and affordable. Some of the cheapest places to go on spring break include:

  • Portugal
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Eastern Europe
  • Daytona Florida

Portugal and Thailand both have hot climates, they are also much cheaper than their surrounding countries. India has some of the most exotic beaches in all of Asia: It’s also dirt cheap, allowing you to stay the night at a nice hotel for only $20. Similarly, Eastern European countries provide affordability and plenty of exotic locations for you to visit. Lastly, Daytona Florida is an awesome cheap destination for spring break. If you live in the United States it’s close, there are lots of cheap hotels, cheap food, and amazing beaches. What else could you ask for?

February 27, 2020 — admin