At Boho Pink, fashion is our number one priority. We search the globe to find fresh looks that you can use in your everyday fashion or special events. Our main goal is to stay ahead of the trends with the newest fashion so you’re always sure to find the hottest looks. 2020 is the year that loungewear has taken over our everyday fashion life. The trend is all about comfort and style coming together. That said, maximizing comfort for your on-the-go lifestyle is the new fashion normal and that’s what we’re all about.

Many of us spend more time indoors, working indoors, and virtual classes our new normal. With this new daily lifestyle trend, we all need to veer into a dressed-down wardrobe that is relaxed and comfortable. Gone are the days of dreading what to wear in the morning with cute lounge clothing that you’ll want to wear all day. But getting dressed and looking your best can give you the motivation to face your day no matter what. There’s an art to keeping your outfits balanced and just relaxed enough so you don’t look like you’re ready to nap. Go ahead and kick up your casual style a notch with accessories to make your new everyday look comfy and chic.

Add a Pair of Heels

Even though we’re your prime source for the newest, hottest fashion, but don’t forget that we’re also your top source for fashion advice. Consider this, then, how can you wear a loungewear outfit as an everyday look? Yes, clothing named for doing nothing can also be put together as an everyday look that can up your street style. A cute scarf or chain belt can take your outfit to the next level. Or add a stylish bag or clutch or a killer pair of shoes are another way to easily upgrade a look: from accessories to booties to sandals, your options are extensive. And of course, don't forget to add structure to any outfit by adding a blazer or motorcycle jacket. Whether you're into heels, sandals, or booties, you'll find a fierce finishing touch to your luxury lounge looks.

Wear Flashy Jewelry

Putting together a fun and fresh look for your day is so easy with clothing and accessories from Boho Pink. An everyday outfit is excellent to try the newest trends and create some fun, casual looks. In our boutique, you can find all of the newest casual loungewear: dresses, tops, bottoms, and more! All of it is handpicked by our team of style experts to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion. Score cute tie-dye joggers, or keep it simple with basic sweatpants. Pair either with a new pair of sandals, some cute sunglasses, and a motorcycle jacket, and you're ready to hit the town! Add a statement boho necklace or some sparkly hoops to effortlessly take your look into the evening. When you use accessories to dress your outfits, you can get the most out of one outfit by creating new looks with basic pieces. Stick to minimal or no jewelry for hanging out at home during the day, but add a little sparkle when you’re on your way out! At night, either keep it simple with delicate jewelry or go bold with a statement necklace or pair of hoop earrings. Statement jewelry is great to have on hand, as it will wake up so many outfits!

Mix and Match Colors

Getting more into the true character of comfortable clothes for women, let’s take a look at some of our loungewear dresses. The Adrian Red and Navy Tie-Dye Shirt Dress is perfect for laid-back casual days. The tie-dye print gives it an up-to-the-minute youthful look. We all know how 2020 is the year of the tie-dye print and this dress offers the perfect combination of style and comfort. The short sleeves might make this tee dress a bit too summery, but it has thicker material and a richer color hue that makes it perfect for fall. It’s perfect to rock in the fall but you can definitely get away with pulling it off as a spring and summer look. Why wouldn’t you? The flattering, wide-awake color combination of salmon-red and navy blue makes a flattering print that will look good on any completion. The relaxed shift bodice, short half sleeves, rounded crew neckline, and mini hemline with side slits make it super casual. Wear it once and you’ll want to live in this dress all year round!

Something else that’s great about dresses, especially sweater dresses, is that they can keep you so comfortable and cozy at the same time. The Calliope Blush Snake Print Off-the-Shoulder Tunic Sweater is the perfect mix of comfort and style! Consider the fact that you can wear it as a dress or as a top. Don’t be intimidated by the animal print, we’re sure you can pull off. Snake print can be a little too much for lounger but this one is muted. You might even be surprised just how many bottoms you can pair this versatile sweater with effectively. Take a look at some of the dresses we can offer you here at Boho Pink that you can use the next time you decide to lounge at home, run errands, or simply just enjoying the day.

Even the most casual outfit can be done up well (so you don’t look like you’re going to bed) and still feel like you’re living in super comfortable pajamas. To suit fairly casual events opt for a jogger and sweatshirt set lounge womens. In fact, a set can be a better option. The perfect team, It’s comfortable, flawlessly matched, and is ideal for running around town in. We’re not saying it’s advisable to wear a jogger and sweatshirt set to the office, but then again you’ll be surprised just how many places you can appropriately wear a two-piece set like this. Considering also the fact that you can pair the pieces so effectively with so many different tops and bottoms. Also, strategically adding structure with a jacket, or statement accessories like a designer bag elevates the look and breaks up the matchy sleepwear look. Let’s take a look at some of the sets we can offer you here at Boho Pink that you can throw on and go the next time you decide to lounge, shop, or simply whenever you have to casually appear. The Time Out Starburst Denim Tie-Dye Cropped Hoodie and Jogger Pants is one of our favorites. Comfy knit, with a unique garment-washed tie-dye starburst design throughout is perfect for the dress-down look. To keep things less like a twin set, pair the hooded sweatshirt with ripped jeans for a cute casual look. The joggers are almost leggings, pair them with a crisp white tee shirt for a balanced look.

Teaming up together in a womens loungewear set is not always your best option. You don’t want to leave the house looking like you’re in pajamas. That’s why mixing colors is a great option for meeting your style needs. A bright pair of pants like the Good Vibes Sunburst Tie-Dye Jogger Pants, look great with a white tee-shirt, and a colorful tie-dye sweater pairs well with chambray joggers. Break up the matchy-matchy sets and mix and match colors for a one-of-a-kind laid-back look.

With tons of up-to-date options, you'll enjoy browsing our selection of print and solid color lounge clothing for every day. We offer high-quality apparel at affordable prices, and we know you'll love your new finds.

We’re All About Comfort

Keep your main focus on comfortable lounge clothes this season! One of the great things about the right loungewear is that you can wear it out without looking underdressed. Picking the right piece will give you a chick look and avoid the “just rolled out of bed” look.

Whichever of these lounge looks appeals to your sense of fashion, keep in mind that we offer a ton of clothes on our site in other styles, too. Not only can you easily shop through them by color and trend, but we also keep updating our catalog constantly, which means you’ll always find something new and exciting when you check out our site.

Of course, this presentation was limited to lounge and we left so many other outfit options unmentioned. That’s because all of us at Boho Pink to take some time to get into each category that we chose, but we look forward to sharing more insight on another style of clothing with you in the future. Be sure you check out our selection of loungewear for women on our site, along with our other pages of cute boho styles. Check back often, because we’re always making additions to our catalog, and when you stop back check our blog again for more insight on what to wear!