There’s no denying that bohemian is a timeless lifestyle trend, but styling an outfit is not as easy as it looks. Colors, prints, silhouettes, and accessories come together to form a unique one-of-a-kind storytelling form. The beauty of nature and lifestyle combine for a one-of-a-kind look. We as women say so much about who we are and what we believe in by the way that we dress. Our wardrobe is a huge spotlight in our own individual style and characters. When the look comes together in just the right way, we feel more confident. The style that brings all those elements together and makes us feel sure of ourselves is the new boho. New because it’s an updated modern version of bohemian evident in the use of new shapes, colors, prints, and styling combinations. This new look in boho outfits is a major revival of the signature style of the 1960s, a major movement in fashion. Recognized for the lifestyle, the look can make your outfit come alive with personality. The combination of simple and sometimes over-the-top designs that blend perfectly together. And if your style calls for it, don’t think it’s hard to fit the fashion into your everyday life. The key lies in creating a look that’s true to your personality. But boho or bohemian style doesn’t mean you have to look like a hippie. The new boho clothing follow-up to the 60’s fashion is just as poetic and beautiful as its predecessor. Okay, now all you need to know is how to navigate this trend. With a few tips, we’ll show you how to style the perfect outfit for a cute look that’s comfortable too. We’ve rounded up a list of a few key style tips to show you how to play up this reinvented lifestyle look to express yourself and join the boho movement.


1. Choose Bold Colors and Pattern

When first coming up with a look, we always love the fresh shake-up that a bold color adds to an outfit. The vivid boho color palette with its rich hues and so many options to choose from. With colors that channel the beauty of mother nature, the options are endless. Of course, nature always has the best color inspirations from rich tones to soft pastels. Your preference for the perfect color should usually lean toward shades that compliment your skin tone. Unfortunately, most of us doubt our instincts and shy away from color. When women feel the need to dress up they usually opt for a basic black dress. Of course, there’s no denying that black is a chic color. While the black dress is classic, try to go for bold boho colors or rich neutral tones. Let bohemian blues make their way into your wardrobe, with shades that resemble the beautiful sea or the sky on a perfect day. Rich plums and rust colors bring convection to nature to your outfit. For the upcoming season, rich greens or reds seem like the favored colors; must-haves for your wardrobe. Boho Californian millennial pink, dusty pink, or blush bringing the color from young and sweet to super sophisticated. The color yellow brings light and sunshine to the table. As you can see, the use of bright colors and modern hues characterizes the new boho.

Solid colors are not your only option. Considering also the blend prints of fabrics is a major factor. Retro patterns and prints are one way to bring some life into an otherwise drab wardrobe. There’s a fair share of floral prints here that showcase the beauty of nature. The rapid evolution of boho has created extremely feminine patterns that make fashion girls happy. Cloth decorated in incredible mandala prints, artsy geometric designs, in black and cream, rich paisley prints, of floral prints inspired by bouquets of wildflowers. A variety of charming light reflecting patterns that are just enough to not overwhelm the senses. Born from peasant fashion, these dazzling prints celebrate diverse cultures. If you have a taste for patterns and prints, accenting your outfits with a print is one way to make your style join the boho movement.

2. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing Pieces

Dressing in cute boho styles is not just a fad, it’s a way of life. There are a lot of options for bohemian outfits that follow free-flowing, relaxed designs. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work by collecting all the cutest boho clothing for you to choose from. Of course, most can agree our boho dresses are the cutest. Loose-fitting frocks in shift and swing styles are some of the popular pieces you’ll want to add to your closet. They are a practical, and comfortable item you can add to your boho-chic wardrobe. Opt for floral styles that are probably best for this purpose - think early florals or paisley prints. Consider also the length, long flow maxi's are best for a boho-chic look. Boho tops are another must-have for your wardrobe. Look for relaxed shapes, loose-fit silhouettes with ruffles, and bell sleeves. Sweaters and cardigans are a comfortable alternative. Look for slouchy, oversized sweaters you can layer. The bigger, the better the for a bohemian look. Slip-on an oversized slouchy cardigan, it’s both functional and a statement piece. Flowy shorts and baggy joggers are fun alternatives to boho skirts. They’re ultra-comfortable and look so chic. Whether you're in a pants-free mode or want the slinky feeling of a one-piece jumpsuit, you have so many choices when it comes to totally non-constricting pieces. Choose from breezy minis, joggers, boho rompers, and versatile two-piece sets that you can mix and match endlessly. Of course, shift or swing bodice will always be the best one and done fashion statement that combines boho styles with oversized comfort. We love them so much we dedicated a whole category to them!

3. Add A Scarf or A Cute Hat

Boho style is beautiful, and adding a western-inspired hat or a gypsy scar to your outfit will add some personality to your look. Add unique headwear by throwing on a hat or wrap a scarf around your head like a headband. You can also wrap a scarf around your waist for added interest to any outfit. It doesn’t have to be a huge statement, you can just tie a pretty scarf on your bag for a pop of color. Choose whatever makes you comfortable and represents your own vibe.

4. Wear Chunky Jewelry

Accessorize with a one-of-a-kind necklace that shows off your style.  Boho jewelry doesn’t have to be chunky, it should be artsy and reflect your personality. For example, a moon-shaped dainty crystal crescent-shaped necklace. Throw on a chunky ring or layer rings that look good together for added visual interest. What you choose should be more of a new boho look, not the oversized mood ring from your mother's generation. Just like the clothing options, boho jewelry is artsy, stylish, fun, and should reflect your mood. You can layer a more simplistic piece with a bold necklace. There are no rules, as long as you feel comfortable with the look, it’s all up to your individual taste and goals. In the summertime opt for a shell bracelet or evil eye necklace. With bright color clothing of the season and less clothing. Make a statement with a coin necklace. Stacking rings and layered necklaces add an interesting visual touch to any ensemble. So many boho chic jewelry options to choose from to accessorize your outfits and complete your look.

Some of Our Favorite Bohemian Outfit Combinations

Without a doubt, our boho clothes have a lot of personality and style to them alone. This is why putting together an entire look without having to put too much effort in the process. Simply layering a cardigan over a dress or adding a hat over your favorite blouse can complete your entire look. There are plenty of ways to style outfits, especially in a bohemian sense. The options are endless, but below are some of the ways you can rock boho outfits. We outlined some of the styles we love below:

White Boho Tops

The Champs-Élysées White Swiss Dot Ruffle Top is our favorite white boho top! The white fabric is lightweight and sheer, perfect for summer or spring. It makes for a perfect wardrobe addition, with its plunging neckline, puff sleeves and layers ruffle peplum waist. Style with denim shorts, snakeskin booties, and a black hat for a boho-chic look.

Boho Cardigan Sweaters

There are plenty of ways to style cardigans, especially in a bohemian sense. The options are endless, but the River City Black Cardigan is one of our favorites for a cozy chic up-to-the-minute look! One of the best ways to style a boho cardigan is over a tank and jeans. We love pairing this poncho-style cardigan with high waisted grey jeans, a lightweight white lace-trimmed blouse for a put-together look.

Boho Summer Dress

Based on your personal style, you may be more drawn to shorter lengths. Lucky for you, we collected the cutest boho dresses in all shapes, prints, and colors imaginable. That being said, we love the idea of a bohemian styles for summer. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Our favorites choice is the Nicole Blush Ruffle Mini Dress! The figure-flaunting shape with tiered raw fringe ruffle layered mini skirt is flattering and can be styled in several ways. We love it with a beautiful scarf accessory, it’s a small detail but it makes the outfit look larger than life. Add some Summer sandals to complete the casual look. Another alternative is to dress it up with high heel sandals and a cute clutch for a semi-formal summer look.

Romper Dress

Rompers are another statement look in bohemian fashion. Of course, you’ll never have to worry about pieces that are uncomfortable when you choose to dress boho-chic in one of our playsuits. It’s easy to put a look together with Corrie Leopard Print Romper Dress. This cute romper has an exotic brown leopard print that screams bohemian. Style it with some sunglasses and your favorite Dr. Martens for a one-of-a-kind chic look. Add a cardigan and high boots for a cooler weather look.

Boho Jumpsuits

One of the core characteristics of the bohemian style is its care-free vibe that it gives off to those who view it. The San Remo Black Backless Jumpsuit makes us feel just that. This sexy jumpsuit makes a perfect bohemian statement with its beachy boho look. Pair it with cute clogs and an oversized hat for a perfect summer ensemble.

Fringe Sweaters

If sweaters are more of your style as it relates to bohemian fashion, this pick is a great choice. The color and details of Ranger Fringe Ivory Cable Sweater are simple, yet the added fringe to the sweater can add a bit more detail to the rest of your outfit. Pair with your favorite ripped jeans and booties for a cute sweater weather outfit. This knit top is a necessity if you are looking for something that emits a casual vibe. It’s definitely a smart addition to any wardrobe.

Bohemian Print Dress

The Rachel Blue and White Paisley Plunge Swing Dress remind us of the boho cobbled streets of Mykonos! A bohemian dream, the blue and white print resemble the whitewashed buildings and blue trim. Throw it on and in an instant, you’ll feel the Mediterranean rays of sunshine all around you. Of course, this dress couldn’t get any better, all you need is a crossbody bag, some sandals, and you’re all set.

Bandana Tops

Now that we summed up our favorite print dress and how to style it, we can focus on tops. The Vanessa Red and White Paisley Print Bandana Top is like no other. With its red and white paisley print, it demands constant attention. Style it with denim shorts, slip-on sandals, and a floppy hat for the day. Layer under a short leather jacket, tight jeans, and cute wedges for a fun date night look.

Animal Print

Dressing in the Calliope Taupe Zebra Print Off-the-Shoulder Tunic Sweater can be super fun--not to mention cozy and comfortable. Pair with cute jeans and short booties for a cute daytime look. Wear as a sweater dress with over the knee boots for a fun party look.

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