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Cute sweaters for women are not just an article of clothing used to add an extra layer of warmth. They also add style and depth to any outfit. Throw a knit on to achieve certain looks or vibes and complete your look. At Boho Pink, we swoon over the allure of the big, cozy knits. Of course, pink sweaters are our favorite and the list of styles is endless. Scroll our virtual collection and keep a keen eye on new cozy trends with meticulous attention to detail. 



Sweaters for Women

No matter what the occasion – client meeting, laid-back dinner, night out, office retreat, happy hour, or Sunday brunch– or the look – casual, bold, understated, sophisticated, or chic – you’re trying to achieve, Boho Pink has cozy knits in a variety of options.

Cardigan Sweaters

From cowl neck, cropped, knit, cardigans, and more fall knits for 2023, whether you’re looking for something to cover up on a crisp fall day, late summer windy beach, or something to layer on while hitting the city, or just hanging out you are sure to find something you love right here at Boho Pink.

Let's face it, we all love a cozy piece to throw on and go. The best thing about having an eclectic layering collection is that it can instantly increase the breath of your wardrobe. Below you’ll find our top 3 favorite must-have pieces that can add style, glamour, elegance, and …of course some bohemian chic to your everyday as well as special occasion outfits. 

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized knits can elevate leggings like no other! And the ones we carry are outfit pieces that will probably never go out of style. Sometimes they look slouchy and messy yet chic … and they provide a cozy and reassuring feeling as you step out to run errands, meet a friend for a cup of coffee, or simply lounge with a good read. 

Chunky knits for fall also pair well with skinny jeans … an long chunky piece can help you rock a lazy day with finesse!

Cropped Sweaters

For those days when you want to sport a fun and trendy look with a casual piece, a crop sweater top can come to the rescue. It can be worn with high-rise jeans or track pants (if you want to go for warm and cozy). Given that it’s a versatile, year-round item, it readily combines with trousers, pencil skirts, and maxi skirts too. 

Boho Sweaters

Two other garments that offer flexibility in terms of both the styling and items to be paired with are the crochet sleeve crew neck and V-neck. These can be paired with almost all bottoms, be it denim or any other shorts, skirts, jeans, or trousers.

In the interest of time, these were just a few of our top choices for knits , but the list goes on. Whether it is a long cardigan coat, wrap-style fringed, ultra-warm and cute turtleneck, the traditional cable-knit, or the off-shoulder, Boho Pink features a diverse collection of boho style cozy crochet knits with fabulous prints, an exciting array of colors, and amazing knit patterns.  

Knit Tops for Women

When the temperature gets warmer, we also carry a collection of pullovers, turtlenecks, cardis, and of course cute tops  to add to your wardrobe. So, if you're looking for something cozy or something cute, we're the boutique for you. The beauty of Boho Pink is that our variety is never-ending; so grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to scroll on!