Two Piece Dress Sest

Cute Sets For Women

Every girl needs to try at least one two-piece dress set to complete their summer wardrobe. Here at our boutique store, we have a two-piece dress for everyone. Whether you love florals, gingham prints, tie-dye, plaid, eyelet, or animal print, you are destined to find something that will suit your personality and style. Two-piece dresses are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but they are super convenient as well. Sets are a great way to quickly put together a stylish outfit when you're on the go and do not have time to pick anything out. But the best part about sets is that they can also be worn separately from other pieces of clothing. So really, when you buy a set from us, you are essentially buying at least three outfits for the value of one!

One of our favorites at the moment is the XOXO Khaki Gingham Smocked Off-the-Shoulder Dress Set. Not only is this set perfectly fitting for your summer picnics, but they are also great for any type of event you may have. Dress it up with some dainty heels, or dress it down with white sneakers for a casual look. This set will take you through the summer because it looks great together and separately. Pair the top with some jean shorts or the skirt with a white crop top, and there you have three summer outfit ideas.

Two-Piece Midi Dresses

If you’re looking for something sexier, maybe an outfit for a dinner and dancing date, the Style Iconic Black Two-Piece Midi Dress is perfect for you. This set is perfect if you’re trying to step out of your comfort zone and want to try something bold. A midi skirt is a great way to switch up your look and have some fun with fashion. Style this with some black kitten heels for a comfortable and sexy date-night look!

White Sets

We won’t let you leave here without telling you about a white two-piece dress. The Kathleen White Eyelet Lace Smocked Two-Piece Dress Set is a great way to incorporate a two-piece white dress into your summer wardrobe. Try a twist on the classic white summer dress and go for a set instead. This will keep your summer wardrobe fashion-forward and will have you feeling your best.

Floral Sets

If you are wanting to stand out from the crowd, the color red is for you. The Take Me With You Red Floral Two-Piece Dress will have everyone turning heads this summer. Red is a difficult color to wear in the summer, but this set makes red look bohemian and fun. This two-piece skirt set is a great way to spice things up without feeling too out of your comfort zone. Pair with some brown, strappy sandals for the perfect beachtime look.

Shop Boho Sets

Run, don’t walk to get all of these sets! These staple closet pieces that you will have for a long time. All of these outfits make the perfect date look, or brunch with your best friends. You can even match with your friends and get the same dress in different patterns and colors. We have so many options on our site to choose from, so have fun with it and try something new. Sets are in the summer, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon and try one out for yourself!

That’s another thing. The designs in ladies' boho sets are so varied and eclectic and easy to mix and match for a unique look. Or rather, this clothing is a reflection of each girl's individual spirit. It takes necessary clothing and gives yo the option to wear a one-and-done matching piece or pieces that you can add to your look with basic bottoms or tops. Boho style makes it easy to consistently come up with so many original outfits, in beautiful one-of-a-kind OOTD looks. Nothing less could be said of our boho-chic sets.

But there’s more to consider. Why turn to us here at Boho Pink to fulfill your craving for cute boho sets? Well, the main reason should be that our style and spirit, like yours, is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Because of that, we are constantly committed to providing you with an unending stream of new arrivals that are inspired by the beauty of nature and the lifestyle that encompasses it. Our online catalog, like the bohemian spirit, is in a constant state of evolution. It is always finding new looks, and always learning new lifestyle trends, and that’s seen easily from the new designs that we are constantly adding to our online store. Shop through our collection of dress sets, two-piece jumpsuits, romper sets, and other outfits today. We know you’ll find something that you’ll love. Just make sure you come back again soon because we would never want you to miss one of our newest and hottest looks. For more information or if you have any questions or would like our take on something, give us a call at 732-242-4148.