There’s so much to love about the boho style. That may be due to the fact that it draws from so many diverse influences that it’s easy to find something you like about it. It could be that it places an emphasis on natural beauty and tends to use muted, natural colors to bring out the best in you. There could be something about the fact that it is ever-changing. It is a living style, as influenced by the people that wear it as it is an influence on them. There’s no one thing that fully typifies boho-chic style, but there are definitely a few things that you might look at and think “that’s a boho-chic look,’ for any of the above reasons.

You might most appreciate the fact that it usually uses soft, natural colors to underscore the natural beauty and attraction of the subject. It’s common to find earthy tones like tan, olive green, rusty orange and different values of ombre in boho and boho-chic style. Oftentimes these tones can correspond to the natural color of your skin, hair or eyes and serve to complement rather than overpower. In many ways, the boho look is more an accessory to your own natural appeal than it is a statement. It also tends to utilize natural motifs like floral patterns and animal prints to add a little movement where there might have been empty space. Even those these arrangements can be bright and frenzied, there is still some natural allure about the patterns you find in a boho-chic style that is inviting and complementary rather than overwhelming.

Then there’s the adaptability of boho-chic style. It’s not all one thing or the other, and in a somewhat contradictory way, it actually draws its identity from the fact that its pieces sometimes just clash. You might take a skirt in neutral tones and pair it with a top with an entirely different fit, cut, color and pattern and yet you would still look at it and see that it is unmistakably boho. It might be the harmony that arises from the discord that appeals to those who love the boho look just as much.

More than anything it might be the flexibility of the look and the freedom that comes with it that makes it so attractive and enjoyable. Much as how it’s possible to mix and match so many elements together and still end up with a look that you would readily be able to call boho chic, you’re able to define your own style in this trend. If something doesn’t call out to you, you don’t have to accept it. In the same way, you can bring in eclectic elements into the boho look and you’ll still end up with boho style. It might have something to do with the fact that the original bohemians who effectively are responsible for bohemian style picked and chose what they could wear, sometimes taking whatever they could get, that gives us this freedom. In a way, it’s a sense of style that arose from no one sense of style, and that gives you the reins to go the way you want with it.

Either way, if you want to accept a given look or make one that’s completely your own when you come here to Boho Pink looking for boho chic outfits, you’ll find so much to love it would be impossible to put it all in one place. There’s no shortage of style here at Boho Pink and no one style we subscribe to. You’ll find looks for the pool, the beach, the house, a party - you name it, we have it. Best of all, we are constantly on the lookout for new and attractive styles and articles. You can come back to our page again and again and there will be something new and interesting waiting for you to find it. There are so many outfit ideas, and here’s just a little bit to love from Boho Pink.

So Many Different Options
It’s so hard to start in one place when you’re looking for boho chic outfits, and sometimes you just need to shop through some offerings and see what speaks to you. Your mood will often create your direction, and you need to listen to yourself.

Are you feeling like you need a natural look with neutral colors, perhaps something that is toned down but still brings out the best in you? If so, you’ll find so much to love right here at Boho Pink. Maybe you’re looking for some clothing with these features that also offer you the ruffles, fluidity, and pleats so common in the boho style. If this style is what you’re feeling, Boho Pink has lots to love and no shortage of styles you can mix and match.

Take a look at our Just Saying Apricot Print Flutter Sleeve Flared Dress. It’s the perfect blend between a vernal touch of pink and the neutral tones of skin that can be pulled off any time the weather is gentle. That is to say, you’ll look great in it too. It’s versatile and in a way represents what boho style is all about. But that’s only one example.

Our Light of Day Orange Print Swing Dress, even though very different from the above, is very much a boho style all its own. It flows, swings and bunches. And even though it has a little more movement with its print, somehow the orange and blue mix into each other to offer what is unmistakably an earth tone. If you like these, you’ll also love our Blossom Floral Print Kimono Dress. Though we call it a Kimono, it’s a very versatile dress that would work just as well on a date as at an evening party. Like the others mentioned before, it uses neutral tones to frame the subject beautifully.

Sometimes a little bit more saturation in color relies on the folds of its fabric and the way it frames the wearer to pull off the look so common in boho chic outfits. Dresses like our Heartbreaker Backless Camel Lace Flare Dress seem somehow bright red but also subtle at the same time. This dress brings you a lot of movement in its lace and interestingly unconventional pattern and form to its edges. Our Giselle Camel Off-The-Shoulder Ruffled Maxi Dress is perhaps the essence of the Boho style (if there can be such a thing). The simple brown fabric is arrayed into beautiful folds that accent the wearer adoringly. While the cut and lay of the dress might appear to be more formal, the rumpled pleats and stark buttons leave the viewer with no doubt - this is the essence of boho chic outfits.

With a boho look, you can comfortably mix colors and patterns for wild new looks that would be difficult to pull off in other schools of fashion without criticism. However, the apparent mismatching of styles often gives a harmonious bohemian look. Consider our Canyon Sunset Paisley Print Strapless Dress - at first, it might seem like a starburst of colors that don’t go together, but Canyon Sunset is the perfect name. It pulls off a delicate balance in many earth tones that, though they don’t mix at first sight, bring a pervasive feeling of natural harmony to the onlooker.

Oftentimes you will find prints and patterns utilized in boho chic outfits that might seem out of place in other trends. With boho style, they fit right in without even making a splash. Our Khloe Brown Snake Print Long Sleeve Wrap Dress is an ideal example of this. A snake print might not be the first thing you think of when you call boho style to mind, but after taking a moment to soak in the allure of this dress, its muted tones and individualistic cut will grow on you. It may be in their sense of unconventionality is also a sense of the boho chic. Other dresses in lace and floral patterns give the same appeal. They offer a great amount of movement and what appears at first like clutter but slowly grows on you like the frame of an image of beauty.

It’s not just animal and floral prints that lend their style to boho chic outfits, however. Sometimes bars, lines, and geometric patterns are right at home in a boho package, especially as the part that features other boho elements. Take a look out our Rachel Line and Dot Black Print Swing Dress. It might be the folds and the flow of this boho black dress that gives it a boho look, but it might also be the stark contrast of the light and dark lines that adorn the dress. The Naomi Navy Floral Smocked Puff Sleeve Mini Dress has a similar appeal. This dress in a solid color might just look like a smock or maybe even a sundress. But with its startling floral pattern that pops and grabs your attention it definitely has some of the asymmetries you’ll see in other boho designs.

And then sometimes you’ll find offerings that are entirely unique because of the combination of their elements. Dresses like the Adele Beige Floral Two Piece Maxi Dress is the perfect example of this. It’s as though the dress wasn’t sure whether to present itself formally or in an explosion of character and the result is a flowing maxi dress with separate halves and lots of style.

The print might be right at home in a different school of fashion, and so might the two halves if they were joined. But put the entire look together and you have unmistakable boho chic fashion. You’ll get the same look in our Beth Red Off The Shoulder Two Piece Dress. The color is simple and bright enough, but pair it with the frills and flow of this red dress and you have boho style that can hardly be mistaken.

The By Your Side Navy Print Maxi Dress gives you an unmistakable boho style as well in the mixing of its elements. The long sleeves and trailing them mingle with a pattern that definitely appears floral but can’t really be pinpointed. It offers movement not only in its pattern but also in the malleable nature of its pleats. The dark tones of blue seem reserved, but the cut of the fabric seems free. It’s that mixing and blending of different feelings and effects that make boho style adaptable and lovable. It’s jarring but also attractive, perfect for people who refuse to be succinctly defined.

Go Your Own Way
Refusing to be succinctly defined is one of the great things about the boho style. Even if you didn’t personally vibe with any of the looks outlined here, you can shop our pages at Boho Pink to find something you’ll love and that will love you back. There are so many different styles to choose from and so many styles that you can mix and match to get the look you’re looking for that it’s impossible not to be charmed. Whether the simplicity of solid neutral tones draws your fancy or you need the most vibrant pattern you can find, we have a world of different looks for you to explore here at Boho Pink.

There’s another thing about chasing the boho impression that you’ll love and it’s the fact that nothing is ever set in stone. Part of that refusal to be absorbed into other influences is the fact that there are always new looks popping up in bohemian circles. We here at Boho Pink are keen on that and as a result, are intent on bringing you new looks and pieces as soon as we find them. No matter how often you come back to our site to check out our offerings you’ll probably find something new every time. Refreshing and reassuring, we’re committed to bringing you styles you love and updating those styles constantly. We know you can’t be contained or defined, and we know you’ll find the look to let the world know that right here at

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