We’re not sure if you’re aware but hot girl summer is here and Boho Pink has the styles you need to stand out during the hot summer months. Yes, the heat is on and you need trendy boutique clothing in true fashion girl form, summer is the time of year that has also been known for short shorts with sexy tops like crop tops or backless tops. with no shortage of risqué level styles, Boho Pink is the place to find them!

As temperatures start going up the clothes start getting smaller. How small? Beach life small with just enough strap details to keep things interesting! The truth is, being cooped up indoors for so long made us all dream of paradise. Pure nostalgia for gathering with friends, vacations, music festivals, summer concerts, and special occasions, we missed it all. Luckily, summer is back now but this time it’s different. No matter where you are, the plan is the same. So get excited, hot girl summer is on, the aesthetic is in whether you’re hitting the Jersey shore or island hopping in Hawaii.

You know us as new boho, but the truth is our name reflects our passion for boho clothing and trendy clothing. Our name, Boho Pink, is everything we’re all about. The increasingly popular boho for the bohemian girl who wants her clothing to reflect her laid-back personality and Cali cool lifestyle. Pink, like the color, is for the girly girl. As you can see, the hot girl summer aesthetic fits in perfectly with all our vibes. The combination of both is what makes our online store unique. We combine the California girl with the hot girl and new boho is born. Yes, we’re brandishing it, it’s not just short-lived for us, hot girl summer is what we’re always all about!

Our commitment to a more calculated investment in both is what makes us unique. Our ongoing collection of boho clothes with the addition of easy-to-wear trendy pieces is perfect for this movement! Fashion-wise, this summer is historical. We’re all picking up the pieces of our life after it was nearly destroyed by the pandemic. We’re out socializing, vacationing, dating, bonding with family, and more. Life is moving closer to normal and we want to celebrate it all. Our detailed collection stand out with pretty florals, tassel trim, ruffled necklines, tiered skirts, tone-on-tone polka dot prints, smocked fabrics, and so much more. This year we see so many new details with puff sleeves, drawstring ties, patchwork, cutouts, and lots of others.

So what exactly are we talking about? Don’t overthink it, it’s definitely a hot girl summer and we have trendy summer clothing that will have you ready for every event. Don’t apologize, It’s definitely time to focus on you and have everyone else focus on you too! So live your best summer with the looks you want,

In true fashion girl form, summer is the time of year that has also been known for short shorts with sexy tops like crop tops or backless tops. It’s the time of year to make a sexy fashionable statement. In fact, the majority of vacay or off-duty looks are on the hot girl summer side. We know this because we see you rocking them all season long on your Instagram. We get it, fashion is no fun if you keep it to yourself, so post away.

When you do get a little fancy or dolled up during your weekends, we know you love a cute strapless romper or matching pieces that come together to form the cutest sets. Short dresses, backless dresses, and sexy two-piece jumpsuits. The options are endless and the looks are crazy cute.

We’re not sure about you, but for us, somehow, summer dresses and outfits are even more fun this season. Of course, as we mentioned before, it’s probably due to the fact that we were not allowed to leave our houses last summer, but either way, we’re excited about them all. We know the best part of summer is the fun trendy outfits your finally get to wear. Nothing beats a pretty flowy dress or a cute crop top with distressed shorts. We’re going to keep it short, the list of trendy styles here is endless and you’ll want to add them to your wardrobe ASAP. With vivid patterns and vibrant hues, sexy silhouettes, they’re all perfect in their own way. Of course, we don’t think you can have too many but thankfully we have tons of affordable styles in our collection to choose from.

Based on your own personal style, you’re probably drawn to cute dresses in colors, prints, and silhouettes that are right for you. Sometimes the smallest details make an outfit a better fit for you. The length of a skirt, the perfect color, ruffles, puff sleeves, eyelet lace, and more. No matter what you choose, it’s a hot girl summer is in full force and it’s time to dress for the occasion.

Our mission at Boho Pink is to bring affordable boho clothing to women and juniors, and we only have a collection of products we think you’ll love as much as we do. We constantly shop for the newest and best pieces wee know you’ll enjoy all season long. You won’t have to worry about finding the perfect piece for you, our styles are carefully curated to keep our customers and their needs in mind. The collections are endless and the styles are up-to-the-minute.

Of course, we know shopping online is convenient, but some people prefer to do their shopping in person. To help with the online shopping experience, we make it easy for you to contact our team and reach out with any questions, concerns, or thoughts you have before you make your purchase.

We’re here whether you are having problems ordering, need a second opinion, or styling tips before purchasing a piece of clothing. We’re available throughout the week to help you.

Give us a call at 732-242-4148 or email us at info@bohopink.com for all questions regarding your order or our website. We always value and appreciate your feedback so that we can make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

To view our complete collection of trendy clothing, you can go directly to our website to get a full look at what we sell.

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July 03, 2021 — Sophia Stavrou