Bohemian sweater style is all about mixing prints, colors, and textures to put together for a casual look. It’s about uniqueness, so you don’t need to hop on to every trend, just stick to what looks good on you. Focus on earthy hues, and sometimes natural patterns that will help you achieve an epic boho-chic wardrobe.

Most of us think of bohemian for summer with white dresses, bell-bottom pants, and crochet tops. But statement-making bohemian clothing is a style you can carry into fall with the beautiful autumn patterns, embroidery, and fridge details, all of which can combine to bring bohemian style to your fall wardrobe.

'Tis the season for Boho Cardigans, and designers' new innovative collections are sure to make the season cozy with tons of style. It’s the time to stock up on investment pieces that will add function and style to your outfits. Shop our online virtual store and we guarantee you’ll find the cutest styles to add new life to your closet. If that’s what you’re looking for, we have one-of-a-kind pieces that will satisfy your needs and keep you on-trend with the latest in boho clothing

Our team at Boho Pink has been bringing you the latest trends in bohemian and contemporary fashion since 2012. Our coveted collection of clothing has everything you need for the season from casual to semi-formal clothing, shop through our pieces to something for your next event. We sport pieces that are lifestyle friendly so you can easily spot what styles and colors will work for you!

Whether you’re looking for something for every day or a look for date night, you’ll find something cute and affordable right here. California lifestyle chic, casual, and beachy are some of the descriptions we use when we describe our type of clothing at Boho Pink, but of course, we have different options to choose from depending on your authentic style.

What you wear should reflect your personality while keeping you comfortable at the same time. It feels good to wear an outfit that shows off your vibes, and that’s what we’re all about. The fabric, prints, colors, and styles we sell are made for the fashion girl that wants to look good while enjoying life at the same time. With our clothing, you’ll always be stylish and ready for what the day has in store for you.

Our prediction is that 2021 will be the year of the fall sweater. After being cooped up last fall we’re all going to throw on a beautiful sweater or cardigan and go out and enjoy the weather as much as we can. Crewnecks, v-necks, cropped sweaters, and cardigans are no longer for virtual work. They’re functional and playful ready to enjoy the outdoors with the people we value in our lives. There’s no better way to do that than by keeping cozy in cute boho cardigans. Cardigans are easy to wear, throw one on buttoned down for a sweater-meets-cardigan look or layer one over your favorite outfit for a comfortable overcoat or outerwear look. We carry so many styles, colors, prints, and knits that will really enhance any outfit.

The Many Types of Cute Sweaters Here at Boho Pink

When you shop for cardigans on our online store, you’ll find a selection of innovative new cute styles to choose from. We outlined some of the looks below:

Cropped Cardigans

Don’t think we haven’t noticed how much you love a cropped cardigan. Cropped boho cardigans are a fresh perspective on fall fashion and are a must-have for high-waisted bottoms. They have the perfect proportions to make a style statement, it’s all about knowing your body and the fits that look good on you. A cropped cardi adds a modern twist to its traditionally long look, while also making it a cozy and comfortable option for the winter. Style them with high-waisted 90’s jeans, this look will make your legs look long and lean while showing off your slim waist.

Puff Sleeve Cardigans

Each piece in our collection is meticulously picked, reflecting the look and trend we know will be in style for an epic wardrobe. This year it’s the puff sleeve cardigan. It’s a style that complements other pieces in our bohemian clothing collection. Puff sleeves are is something that you’ll be able to find in different lengths from cropped to mid length, to long. If you really want to achieve a chic boho wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with adding long, puff sleeves to your look.

When you wake up the first cool fall morning, these are the perfect options to stay in style during the autumn months and also perfectly transition into winter weather. At the same time, the puff sleeves of these cardigans give the notable look to encompass what’s cool this season.

Slouchy Sweaters

You’ve heard of off-the-shoulder sweaters in fashion, but we’re focused this season on the slouchy sweater. What makes these sweater tops stand out from other styles is how they move with you. They’re also versatile, you can wear them over your shoulders for a conservative look, off one shoulder for a chic look, or off both shoulders for a shoulder-bearing romantic look.

Our slouchy cardigans come in many different yarns and colors that will be sure to add a pop to an everyday outfit. You can browse through our online collection for a full view of all our choices to get a feel for what works for you best.

Backless Sweaters

There’s no sexier way to get through the colder months than with a comfy, warm knitted backless boho sweater. Just as the name suggests, a backless sweater is known for its open back. Sexy isn’t only about showing some skin, it’s about the soft, cozy knit material with an unexpected open back detail. You get the best of both worlds, an extra layer of thickness or warmth to your look, and a cutout back to shake up your look especially during the fall and winter months, these make a great option.

While these styles of sweaters and cardigans are just a few of many that we have, the point is that knowing your body and knowing how you love to dress our selection is plentiful and perfect for everyone’s personal style.

The bohemian style may look and feel different for everyone. This is why we strive to give you the options to find what you like best.

Our Best Boho Sweater Picks

There are a few styles that happen to be considered our best sellers. Now that you’re familiar with some of the boho styles, you are ready to find which one works for you. We outline a few of our favorites below to help you get started.

Lush Becca Red Cropped Cardigan Sweater

This cardigan can be purchased in two different colors: red and taupe. With the textured knit detail and puff sleeves this cardigan will have bohemian written all over it, while still giving you a classic look.

Style this cardigan over a solid tank top and flared jeans or even layering it over a boho dress. It’s cute, comfortable, and can be worn all season long, no matter how you decide you want to style it.

Lush Far Away Ivory Ribbed Knit Slouchy Sweater

Puff Sleeve Sweaters

Perfect for cold weather, this sweater is an excellent choice for those who want to take their cozy style to the next level. This sweater has two factors that give it its modern flare. First, it slouches off one shoulder, and second, long beautiful puff sleeves.

The slouchy neckline gives you the flexibility to wear this up, or off one shoulder when you want to dress casual or off-the-shoulder for a sexier night on the town look. Beautiful and sexy yet functional with the long puff sleeve feature of this sweater that keeps you so cozy when it's cold.

This sweater screams versatility and when worn, you’ll be getting tons of compliments.

Joe Cream Backless Sweater Top

Backless Sweater

If sexy is more of your style as it relates to bohemian fashion, this pick is a great choice. The basic cream color and backless detail are simple, yet together can add a bit more chic style to the rest of your outfit.

It’s a basic piece that can make the perfect top for those crisp and cool nights. This sweater is a must-have if you are looking for something that emits a sexy vibe.

There are plenty of ways to style this backless sweater top, especially in a bohemian sense. The basic cut makes the options endless. You can wear it over jeans for a casual look, style it over a floral mini skirt for a holiday look, or over leather pants for date night. Whatever you decide to choose, you’ll definitely stand out.

Without a doubt, our sweaters and cardigans have a lot of personality and style to them alone. Therefore, just layering them over a basic top and bottom can effortlessly complete your entire look. Play around with a different look, our sweaters pair beautifully with most pieces in any wardrobe.

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