Assuming that you’re here as a freshman going into college, you know you’re going to need some cute outfits, sorority dresseshomecoming dresses, and college party outfits. At Boho Pink you'll find the best selection for casual daytime and all the other special events lined up for you and your fellow students.

That being said, we’re here to tell you what essentials really need to pack for college. Going away for the first time can be stressful and overwhelming after so many years of living at home. Let’s relieve one of the many stresses that you might have making the move, and give you a breakdown of everything you need.

  1. Go to your nearest home store and grab some storage bins/cubes. Whether you need somewhere to put all your snacks, or more room to store your clothes, these will come in handy.
  2. Even if your dorm claims to have air conditioning you’re going to need a fan. Maybe even two, or three. Freshman dorms don’t always have air conditioning in each room, and some don’t have any at all. Be prepared to face those early September days that still feel like summer.
  3. If you’re a clean freak, make sure you have a Swiffer and Lysol wipes. Because a dorm is such a small space, dirt and dust easily builds up.
  4. Walking shoes! You’re going to be walking a lot. Make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes to wear to class, as well as some shoes that will get you through rain and snow during the colder months. You’re rarely going to reach for an uncomfortable pair of shoes when you are going to be walking around campus all day.
  5. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are going to be your best friend when you are too lazy to pick an outfit, but want to be comfortable in class. Try finding a cute matching lounge set. Matching sets look clean, chic, stylish, but also effortless.
  6. If you’re getting sick of the sweats, leggings will be your go-to. Try going for the “athlesure” look. This vibe is super comfortable, but also looks put together. It’s also perfect if you’re planning on going to the gym right after class.
  7. After about two months in, you’re going to feel a little homesick. In this case, you really need to try to decorate your dorm and give it that homey feel. String lights are a great way to do this. Not only do they look super cute, but you also won’t get that harsh dorm lighting at night when you’re trying to relax at the end of the day.
  8. Speaking of lighting, a bedside lamp is also a good idea. This will come in handy when you’re doing your homework, doing your makeup, or just need a little more light.
  9. An over-the-door mirror and a desk mirror are essential. Picking out outfits and doing your hair and makeup will become very difficult to do without these.
  10. Bring a bowl, a plate, a mug, and a few utensils. You won’t need a lot, but it’s always good to have these if you decide not to eat in the dining hall.
  11. Instead of a laundry basket, a laundry bag is way easier to lug around. The laundry room is not always going to be on the same floor as you, so prepare yourself to carry your clothes around.
  12. Let’s just say the mattresses at the dorms are not the comfiest. Bring a mattress pad if you want restful nights of sleep.
  13. A portable speaker is a must when you’re getting ready to go out with your friends.
  14. A shower caddy, shower shoes, and a robe! If you are using a communal bathroom, this is a must!

Well, that’s all for our list of things to pack. If you’re an incoming freshman nervous to start college, don’t be! You got this. Remember to pack lightly. Chances are you are not going to even wear half the stuff you end up bringing. Avoid the clutter, and keep your room simple. Try to make friends in your dorm or your classes and form a group to study with or go out with. It’ll make those difficult exams and classes easier to get through when you have a few of your friends beside you.

July 28, 2021 — admin